Need help with team

ok so basically i’m trying to create a team that will be able to beat my friends team in legends. However his team consists of every single legends limited character in the game (Except for goten and beerus) with his last slot being kaioken blue goku,so i’m having difficulty with forming a team that can counter his and I need some help making one. These are the units I have so far

and that’s all of them so far

So if your friend has all Legends Limited units, You can just go for a Lineage of Evil Team because all of them are basically Saiyan characters:

Core: Full Power Frieza, Golden Frieza and Chilled
Bench: Metal Cooler, FF Frieza -Yellow- and EX Captain Ginyu.

Good Luck xD.

Thanks a ton I was finally able to beat him after like months of him pulling tons of legends limited characters and me losing 24/7

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