Need help with Water Team comp!

Hello !

I need some suggestions with my water team composition.
I can’t decide how to build my team, and water is currently my weakest group…

For now I have Xander, Fjorm, and Lily. For general content I don’t like Fjorm too much…and even Lily, while being undoubtely good, feel kinda meh. I have a half invested Elisanne, so i could think of substituting Fjorm for general content that isn’t HBH. Do you think that I could also subsistute Lily with someone else ? With the recent Dream summon I could choose Summer Celliera or Summer Julietta…having a full buffer and a hybrid atk like summer Celliera or Julietta could also push the DPS of Xander even further thanks to more boons.

Thanks for anyone willing to waste some time to answer me !

In my opinion, If anyone use her Dream Summon (p2w) for anything that isn’t “limited” are wasting her money.

If you continue playing and pulling you will reach (eventually) any adventurer and DLost is definitely a kindly F2P app in that way. Certainly, a pitybreaker are common in gacha games so is usually a bittersweet taste if you haven’t got the adventurer when he/she breacks your % x’D

You can choose ANY adventurer so choose wisely (a limited or temporary TOPTIER! = GCleo for instance x’D).
In reference to the team Composition…

  • Sword: If you got Xander you don’t “need” S!Celliera despite her different resistences.
  • Katana: Nothing specially good there.
  • Daggers: Pretty good pool in dagger water attuned users. DYCleo is the best but the other 3 can do the same job. Mostly DYCleo (stun res) + Orsen (flame res) to solve any water content.
  • Axe: S!Julietta > Karina + Rex ( the only burn res axe, but i can’t suggest to use it, just wait until they introduce a better 4*/5* water axe with burn res).
  • Spear: Elisanne = general purpose (she’s just so relevent as a water buffer… :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: anyone should promote it), other whise Fjorm > Xander.
  • Bow: Laranoa (stun res) >>>>>>>>>>>> DYNefaria (burn res) >>> Waike (burn res).
  • Staff: Every single water team MUST have healers. And Aeelen (or use Ricard to patch up meawhile you obtain NurseAeleen) and Thaniel are the obvius choice.
  • WandTo patch the wand gap of Lily (which is actually the best wand water attuned to HBTrial ¬¬’) you can use Summer Stelle (a huge buffbot xD) or DY Xander (the problem with him is that he can’t be paired with the regular Xander in water teams xD).

To sum up;
In stun flame content i want to suggest Nuerse Aelen + S!Stelle (or Elisanne) + Karina + Xander (full based on skill damage + buffs).
And in burn flame content you can’t ignore Fjorm and Lily xD. So try to pick up Thaniel + Fjorm + Lily + Elisanne/Orsem/Celliera.

*note that Elisanne have only 50% burn res and 25% stun resist (with 41 nodes min! so yuo need to promote it first)

Well, that’s all x’D It’s all about read and comprehend the adventure list and any tier lists.

Limited Adventurers aren’t included into Dream summons xD So no GCleo, FEH, V!, DY or halloween stuff XD

Guess I will just promote Elisanne for general content and stick to Lily for now till they release any other kind of satisfying water adventurer. For healers don’t worry, I have already Nurse Aeelen. It was mainly a question about the “dps side”.

Will wait a bit to see if i can land a Freya with my free summons (saving for the megaman collab), otherwise I will see to summon her or maybe Siren.

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Then i think it’s definitely not worth pay for that “Dream Summon” (sorry, i didn’t checked the pool and i obviusly assumed that “any” adventurer means “any” x’D).

PS: Certainly, i don’t know why are you exceptical with your Lily and Fjorm. Both are toptiers and the huge part on any burn fire attuned content right now (and Fjorm can grant you a HUGE boost to HBTrial :star_struck:).

Well, I just bought a sunlight stone package and got it xD It’s like pulling a tenfold with the guaranteed unit you want…plus another tenfold ticket in it, lol.

That said, for Lily I do not have much of a strong opinion. She just feels kinda general, would like something more synergic etc For example Xander is also pretty straigthfoward, but he synergize and get really stronger the more buffs you have.

Fjorm is also really strong, mind it, but for general content meh…Do not really like how she play. Still she really does wreck for HBH xD I have her maxed and will probably just swap in Elisanne for general content at this point.

As I said…gonna wait for those free tenfolds. Then i will decide either Freiya or Siren (further boosting Lily).