Need JP friends

Just made a JP account not too long ago and could use some friend accounts to help with non-story content!
My friend code is 239,471,312.

I’ve sent a request.
IGN: Ritsuka

I could switch it up if you need some other servants but most of the time there is at least a Waver.

Thank you!

I’m happy to help.
Also I should warn you that I’m entirely f2p on JP so don’t expect much in the way of event CEs.

Is your plan to test new servants or something else?
I’ve got a couple not yet released on NA.

Yeah I want to try out some and plan for my NA account so don’t feel any pressure to be on top event CE I also need a place to spend saint quartz so I don’t do it on my NA account lol

Sent a friend request. IGN’s Buki. Hope my servants can help u…


Haha, I had some of those urges when I started as well.
It is a relief not to have to plan for the future and roll just whenever there is someone new that looks interesting.

I guess I can skip wellfares and instead focus on SR and SSR.
Tell me when you want me to switch to some others.

The saber, archer, lancer and Rulers will be released this year and the rest is for next year.

Edit: Haven’t got many newcomers outside of Extra and Lancer but for the most part one more SR or SSR.
The most unique one gameplay wise is Qin Liangyu.

I appreciate the roster