Need more friend on jp

there are lots of slots left, I still need a lot of material to raise the level of skill, I want friends who always login every day because many of my friends supports are rarely log in! Thx

Sent a friend request. IGN’s Buki.
Here’s my support:

Request sent.

IGN: Majestaat

Thank you!

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Request sent. IGN: Maru

Request sent IGN: Ryu

Thank you


You’re welcome :)

I put in a request. IGN: haku

Sent a friend request, I’m in the same boat and need friends in JP who login daily.
IGN is ルナ and this is my support list. Will work on leveling up Servants to max (no embers, have to farm) and their skills (when I get the right mats) in the future:

I sent you a friend request as well. IGN haku.

Well rather than try and add everyone who posts these in this thread, I may as well add my own.

I’ve been playing Jp since August. Soon Sanzang wiil be moved to all and Buntoria will be moved to Extra to make room for Skadi in caster. I’ve gotta level her more first.
I’ve only filled about half of my friend’s list.

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I started FGO JP not so long ago, so my servants aren’t that high level.

If anyone wants to add:
FC: 133,148,234