Need of Help!

Since i updated Arknights (the little unforced update) i cant get in the game anymore,every time i try to get in,it kicks me out 1 second later. Can someone help me with this?

The most popular suggestion is always to clear cache. Have you tried it?
If you did, and it still crashes, Yostar support it is, I think.
Also, do you log in through FB? Because there were some problems with them.

Are you on Android or IOS ? .
if you are on IOS , you need to update to the latest IOS 13.5.1.
There was a problem with facebook 6 days ago , and now every older IOS (9 , 10 , 11 ,12) user who updated the game ( unforced update) can’t play at all.

So i have to quit then,my phone only has IOS10 …

you can try to play on emulator PC.

Will this change in the next update?

I don’t know but I sent a mail to Yostar about this problem.
Here the answer I got :

Yostar customer service
July 14, 2020, 07:51 +0200
Dear doctor,

Sorry for any inconvenience. Currently, we need a big update for this problem, but it will take some time. So please use another device temporarily. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Yostar Games|

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So i have to wait for a super big update for that?which may or may not happen?
Anyway thanks for asking!,i would love to be Friends with you if i can play arknights again :smile:

If you’re running Arknights on iPhone 6s or earlier models, it does sometimes instantly crash. This problem has been reported to Hypergryph several times, since literally multiple players on CN server have encountered the same problem. But Hypergryph just keep saying the same thing: We need a big update to fix this issue. :joy:
Just hope they can get this done soon enough

So that’s mean the game wont change for a long time? If that’s the case then i have to quit Arknights then,except for my phone,i dont have any other devices available now…i’ve been feeling down since yesterday,now i feel worse…

If you have a way to use an emulator like Bluestacks you can play Arknights there :fgo_ereshmentarymydear:

Actually no, I don’t think you need to wait for a long time for this issue to be fixed. I think Hypergryph fixed this issue in version 1.0. I haven’t seen any complaint for this issue since then.

The app on iOS has NOT been fixed for older devices contrary to what the devs/publishers/people have posted recently. I’ve tested on multiple devices running 10.0 and later, such as the iPhone 5c and 6s. The app still opens and closes immediately no matter how many times you reinstall or clear cache. Switching to cellular or Wi-Fi also does nothing. It’s possible that “big update” will come, but don’t get your hopes up if they’re looking to simply drop support for older devices and not deal with issues like this anymore. The app store on iOS still claims it works on 9.0 though.

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They know but they do nothing! I’m so done with this! Having a nice game doesn’t make you an a-hole like that to your customers! No announcement,no apology,nothing! I quit! I thought that they would listen to us and fix it,but they don’t! Plenty of people out there are raging about this and I’m pretty sure i’m the kindest guy here! We paid for this and we have the rights to be listened and respected! I f-kin’ hate their indifference towards us players!