Need pro advice

Hello im playin on f2p acc and have some problems with balancing my team comp, well im tryin to play arts based composition and with that here comes my question, yesterday i got fujino, is she would be better then robin to max out first? (Robin NP3) And who will work better with other of my servants (same question for lancers Eresh/karna/Vlad III Ex who will work better?)
List of my (Playable) servants:
Saber:Yagyu(lv68, will be maxed out in days)
Archer:Euryale(lvl70), Arash(lv60)
Lancer:Ereshkigal(lvl81), Karna(lvl51) (need to know whos from these two and vlad would be better to max first)
Caster: Gil(lv80), Andersen(lv65), Shakespeare (lv65)
Rider:Georgieos(lv65), Ushi(lv70)
Assasin:Hundred Personas(lvl68) (will be swapped with shiki after event)
Berserker:Kyiohime(lvl70), Spartacus(lvl60) (farm only, have El dorado 1lvl)
Explain as clear as possible :)

Yes She have a higher natural max lvl,and Fujino hit more harder then Robin

You mean what Lancer level first?, If is that i say Ereshkigal
Note: Lancers with a normal lancer deck(AQQBB) don’t work well in art focuse teams

Level her ,She is pretty good,she is a ST DPS Berserker ,a thing that you don’t have

Both are good servants don’t ignore Humdred personas of having Shiki, and you should also level Kojirou he is a great crit monster(i know that you have one i’m NP 5 because everyone have one without exeption)

Also level Amadeus, his thirth skill is broken ,at 10 he generate 50 stars

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If you want an Arts comp then Robin Hood is a better option with his Arts NP. CasGil and Mozart are also the main supports to focus on. Fujino is better overall, though

Ereshkigal’s the farmer with 50% NP charge while Karna is a boss-killer with better NP damage and crits. I don’t think you need to really level eresh anymore since her lvl80 atk isn’t that much lower than lvl90 atk while karna still needs leveling to get all his skills and his best stats.


You have another question? :fgo_mordredthink:

Is really kojirou that good? And if u can tell who i should grail i would be very happy

Well some low star units is good give them grails if you use them often, but is better just grail the servants you like to use or simply love.

And yes Kojirou is that good ,level him and if you want him to be able to fight against more stronger enemis is good give him grails(specialy because the 1* servants have 60 as there max natural level).
And remember this : a servant is not bad for been a 1 star or a 2 star servant, every servant is good in his oun way.

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If in terms of overall performance, yes Fujino is better. But if you want to run Arts teams, NP5 Robin Hood will easily outdamage Fujino at low NP levels.

Grails aren’t very plentiful so use them on your favorites. Grails don’t affects gameplay much unless you’re grailing a low rarity servant all the way up to 100. Even then, a level 90 one star will still have lower stats than a level 90 four or five star.

Grail for love and not gameplay.

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He’s not the memegod he used to be when wyverns were the only enemies but he’s still very good.

If you play purely for gameplay, grail your best 4 stars. Otherwise, literally anyone is okay for grailing.

rule of thumb is to grail your favs, but in terms of stat benefits, the lower the current level cap, the more value extracted out of using a single grail