Need recommendations for team comps

Im kinda a rookie to the game. Here’s my roster. Any help would be appreciated. A team for bosses and a team for farm would bs good. Including a support servant would be good of course.


I need to know how many and what starting NP Gauge CEs you have before getting into this on the farming end at least.

Hi OP,

For farming, you would want to raise Spartacus alongside your Arash as Spartacus also has a NP battery which makes getting his NP a lot easier.

A good basic farming comp would be: Arash + Spartacus + Nitocris then you can borrow a friend Waver to fill the missing NP charge. Make sure the CEs you equip to your farming team have NP starting charge.

For boss content, for supports, you should raise Georgios (one of the best 3T tanks in the game). He will help draw attention away from your main DPS. You can get David (3*) from the Friend gacha, he’s super useful thanks to his party-wide evade skill to help avoid AOE NPs.

For boss content, in terms of DPS, Atalante Alter is a good general DPS thanks to her berserker typing though note she’s also a bit fragile. Robin (Archer), Ushiwakamaru (Rider) and Hundred Personas (Assassin) are some of the best F2P ST options in their classes thanks to their high NP damage (Robin and Ushi) and NP loopability (Hundred Personas).

A good basic boss comp would be: Friend Merlin + DPS (e.g. Rama) + Mash for the frontline with Georgios + Hans/Shakespeare/David + 2nd DPS in the backline in case one of the frontline falls. Hans can be a good budget Merlin thanks to his atk/def/heal buffs from his NP but note he doesn’t have a party-wide invincibility. Shakespeare has a party-wide buster buff + 20% NP battery charge. David has the party-wide evade. So it depends on the boss gimmick but this is a good basic structure to use.

Hope this helps!


thanks a lot! It did extreme help. Appreciate it.

As a general rule for boss fights it would probably make sense if you had

Buster/Crit servant - CasGil - Merlin - Hans - Shakespeare - FSN Cu

Maybe a St. George in there somewhere to be a taunter, would replace Hans or Shakespeare. Leonidas as a second one if the fight called for it, or in replacement of St George if the conditions were right and you wanted to make use of his third skill (meaning you’d be fighting a boss who would kill him first turn and you wanted that). Regardless you’d have to put one of them on the front line instead of Merlin & CasGil.

Emiya & Rama fit the bill for the DPS slot I mentioned. Rama I’m kind of guessing on since i don’t have him. You can check other ones here:
If they have a buster NP and/or they like to crit they’re good to go.


I have 1 %60 np gauge (imaginary element) 1 %50 np gauge dont remember the name of. And a %30 gauge (his rightful place)

Thanks a lot. Really appreciate it

Farm team then

Parcelsus/Avicebron 30% - Spartacus 60% - Support Waver - Shakespeare - any Servant - Arash 50%

Get the 30% to 100% using their battery Waver’s attack or defense buff (requires skill level 3 for either) to clear W1
Plugsuit the caster with Arash & use his level 1 battery skill or higher with waver’s Crit buff and NP to clear W2
Arash dies into Shakespeare who comes in and with his targetable 20% battery plus whatever 10% one Waver has left + Spartacus’ level 1 battery skill or higher reaches him to 100% to clear wave 3. Make sure Spartacus gets the Buster buff from Shakespeare & the mystic code attack up as well.

I don’t have any of the numbers in mind but that team should be simple and effective considering it doesn’t even need much investment in the skills to reach 100% battery. If you have issues with the damage look to level up their skills, and they should really be max level before you want to take them out to farm in the first place. I believe Avicebron hits harder than Paracelsus but Paracelsus can also be taken onto other teams more easily once you start expanding your roster. Ah and make sure to do their strengthening quests to unlock their skills where relevant.

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such important advices thank you my friend appreciate it