Need Sableeye advice for PVP

I was wondering if anyone has some words of wisdom regarding Sableeye for GL. The “Dark” Shadow raids occur constantly in my area and I only recently found out that the Purple Chupacabra was a strong GL contender (especially at level 50). Do you PVP vets prefer Purified Sableeye with Return? or TM’d shadow? or the non-shadow / plain vanilla version? Thanks

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If you want it for open GL then definitely purified with Return! It’s other charge move options aren’t great and Return hits pretty much everything that resists Foul Play for neutral, stopping you from being walled by Azu, etc.

In limited cups, sometimes other CMs are preferred but if you only have the candy to build one then just get a purified one.

Always purified return. The only time I’d say otherwise is if you already have a vanilla one up around the 1500s as it is a heavy investment. Shiny or Lucky could be a factor too.
Power gem is garbage. The only world where power gem might be good is a cup where Charizard/Talonflame are really popular? Even then both are pretty glassy I couldnt imagine actually going for it.

I used a vanilla one with Foul Play/Shadow Sneak because I invested in it long before Shadow Pokemon were introduced. I don’t use it very often and I’ve never been in a position where I needed Return to win the match.

If you have nothing else vs altaria (and/or the vulture) in your team, power gem is a gem. Otherwise meh.

Last week in ULPC I got hit by a power gem…from an Ampharos!!! I was using a huge Galvantula, so it kinda worked. Only thing else I can think of is for Typhlosion? Not sure what power gem would do to anything else in ULPC

I use and have the blingy blingy boi
Shadow sneak isnt that bad, you can use it against fighters.
Return does compliment well with sableye’s high attack.

Ran the return version this past GL too, good move. Sable is squishy, save him a shield.

I like it when people get spicy with ampharos in UL. I’m on focus blast and won’t change. They can make people think I have different stuff. Cuz I’m going straight for FB every time! Power Gem makes especially no sense on Ampharos. Plenty of better moves

A good XL one is nearly on the tanky side, so… Shield always a good idea though, cause two foul back to back foul plays hurts most things really a lot