Need some advice/help

Hello just started playing again like 3 days ago and im planning to up first merlin and waver (waiting for the lotto or dead week for skill ups), with arash and spartacus in between. I wanna ask some advice on what servant to pool my resources into next that will or might be useful on the next upcoming contents.

MErlin Waver and Cu because of class advantage and he’s great for CQ.
Ozy is good too for CQ.

Now farming is gonna take a lot of thought.

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Yep im kind of lacking farming servants, only arash spartacus and medusa are kind of the only farming servants i will have.

Remember that most of this game is farming. Your plan to level up Waver and Merlin is good, so I would suggest considering what servants pair well with those 2. Waver helps literally any attacker, while Merlin is best for buster attackers. I would look at Cu Alter, because he is a buster-based berserker, so he will always hit hard, and is fairly survivable for a berserker. He can also really help you advance through story.

Other than that, working on servants like Caster Nero, Vanilla Artoria, and Artoria Alter Lancer will help get you more buster aoe farmers. They all pair well with Merlin because of their buster NPs. Leveling single target buster NPs is good too, so also consider servants with those.

TL;DR: Go with Cu Alter first, and then level servants with buster NPs, they work well with Merlin.

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Is lalter a better farmer than eresh? Cause i was planning to lvl up eresh first :fgo_ereshlove:

Yes. Eresh is a semi support.

Ereshkigal will do great for farming, she has a 50% charge of her own tied to a 50% Buster buff.


I don’t see you needing a lot of things, you have a lot of good servants you just need to level them

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Yes i just need to wait for dead week to grind or maybe wait for gilfest for the gems and qp :fgo_ereshdistress:

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Hi OP,

After leveling Merlin, Waver, Arash and Spartacus, I’d suggest you level up at least one DPS from each class for farming purposes:

Saber: Artoria - She just got a 20-30% NP charge on her 3rd skill! She’ll be a good unit to field against Lancers that Arash has trouble clearing.

Lancer: Eresh - She has a NP charge skill (30-50% depending on her level) so if you run her with Merlin + 50% NP CE, she can fire off her NP in the first turn.

Archer: Arjuna - For farming purposes alone, he’s better than Emiya and Atalante with his native 25% NP charge on his 2nd skill and he has a buster NP which pairs well with Merlin.

Rider: Depending on the NP level either Mordred or Ishtar. Mordred has a 20-30% NP charge skill and absurd NP refund so it’s easy to loop NPs with her. On the other hand, Ishtar is a free NP5 and will hit harder and plays a semi-support role with her 1st skill giving 3-turn buster and quick buff + NP gain.

Caster: Either Nitocris or Helena. Nitocris is one of the premier farmers with her instant death mechanic working ridiculously well against bronze and silver enemies and comes with a NP charge skill that can go beyond 100% so she can NP back to back. Helena on the other hand, comes with a 10-20% party-wide NP charge and 3-turn card buffs. So she functions as a semi-support/DPS unlike Nitocris who’s pure DPS. Nero is a good choice for longer and more difficult battles with her guts, invul pierce and NP charge but if it’s just farming bronze and silver enemies, Nitocris is the better choice.

Assassin: Scathach is one of the rare AOE assassins and a free NP5 to boot. So despite not having any NP charge skill, right now she’s still the best choice for your roster.

Berserker: Spartacus is a good investment for the meantime.


For Single Target DPS purposes:

Definitely level Cu Alter and Heracles first. Each class can follow after as these two offer the most flexibility for your party.

Saber: Rama pairs well with Merlin being a buster crit servant but make sure you have someone producing stars because Rama’s star gen is quite low.

Lancer: Li Shuwen is a good investment. He has ignore invincible and ignore defense which is good against gimmicky bosses but a lot of his buffs are 1-turn so something to keep in mind. (A more unorthodox recommendation would be to raise Artoria Lancer (Alter), personally I don’t have a strong ST lancer so Alter with her buster crits carried me thru Shinjuku. If you’re willing to invest in her crit skill, she’s definitely able to deal high damage numbers.)

Archer: Archer of Inferno has good steroids with her attack + NP buff and has some level of survivability with her guts.

Rider: Ozy is wonderful! Not only does his NP have NP seal, he can increase everyone’s NP charge by 20% with his skill at level 1. He also has self healing which definitely increases his survivability. The best thing about pairing him with Merlin is that Merlin provides buffs he doesn’t have which is buster and crit up.

Caster: Caster of Midrash is a decent ST caster and a good semi-support to boot with her 3-turn atk up, buster and arts up for the whole party.

Assassin: Emiya is a passable ST assassin if you don’t have other alternatives. He has a targetable taunt which is good to pair with another servant with evade or invincibility for a free turn. His NP has a guaranteed NP charge decrease + ignore def which is good against bosses. But he needs arts chain because of his low NP gain and his arts buff only lasts for 1-turn.

Sorry this got long OP, but hope this helps!

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Thank you that helps a lot, regarding st assassin i was planning to invest on hassan hundred faces, is emiya still better or nah?

Both are worthwhile, but I would advise prioritizing EMIYA. Asako is not bad by any means at all, in fact she is at the top for R Servants and Assassins in general, but Kerry has superior stats, utility in Scapegoat/targetable Target Focus with a super useful star bomb, 3T Invul Pierce, gauge reduction on NP… he’s got a fair amount of stuff going for him.


In case of boss gimmicks, I’d recommend Emiya first, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t level up Hassan Hundred Faces. Personally I love the art resistance down built into her NP so actually you can use Emiya and Hassan in the same party since they can art chain together and take advantage of the targetable taunt (Hassan has 1-turn evade) and the arts resistance down.

It is true that she charges her NP and has buster buff. Her damage is pretty low though. So, op, the general trade-off is eresh can charge her NP better, but has much lower damage potential than lalter. So, depends on what you wanna do.

Eresh without any CEs and L10 Buster Up will deal 33K as a floor. With 1K AD (I don’t know how long OP has played, but it’s relatively close so whatever), NP1 Eresh deals 42K floor vs a neutral attribute Lancer. With Waver buffs on top (assuming a double-attacker farming composition), 55,743-68,019. If OP has even a L20 BG let’s say, that’s 74,526-90,976 (82,751). Still can able to hold onto your Arctic/Plugsuit/etc. offensive buff usually saved for W3, or if clearing trashier mobs - just cut in half for neutral damage of course - a sufficient W2 clearer due to her big battery.

Continued numbers for OP’s convenience, NP1 LAlter with a scope, 10/-/10, and Waver deals 68062-83075 (75569). 1K AD 80,950-98,828 (89,889). Although in both cases, she has her crits to fall back on for clearing a W3 assuming a composition of bulky boss and weak adds (if any). BG is a no-go, unrealistic.

I would however say all else equal Eresh’s damage is at least comparable assuming OP has access to BG, and even then she’s still an effective W2 unit for pure Archer nodes.


Nito with a scope/50 charge CE can potentially NP twice in a row for you, she’s a great farmer for offing waves of bronze and/or silver, at least assuming you counter-class the latter should you not IK. CasNero is another amazing farming Servant except with far higher steroids than Eresh. Arjuna, too, and Saber after all of her upgrades. Surfdred is also particularly outstanding.

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Emiya def.
But at the end of the day pick the ones you love the most.