Need some advice on Dantes

Greetings,as you all know Dantes is in this summer event.I managed to pull 2 copies of him.And he is currently at np2.I also have my own skadi but not a mlb kscope.Im a f2p player so i dont have any other strong support.I use helena for the 20% np and quick up.I have been wondering whether having him at np2 is good enough for farming during the future events.If not,I am ready to invest for another copy of him.I really need opinions from more knowledgeable and experienced masters since I also have other servants that I want to get next year.Btw the only other skadi loop setup i have is with parvati which is np1.I dont have zerkerlot…Thx.

Do you have just a normal kscope? That would work as long as you use mage’s uniform for the 20% charge.

Yeah only a normal one.Been experimenting with the mystic code but it doesnt feel strong…I mean it feels a little too rng since the np alone wont deal a lot of damage for the last wave.

There are a lot of nodes you can loop with NP2 but the extra stats from an MLB Kscope will definitely help lessen the RNG. My JP Dantes is only NP2 (with gold Fous but not yet at 2k) and I found that I can loop more often than not on a lot of nodes. Skills 1 and 2 are maxed. If there’s a high HP enemy on wave 2 or 3, it’ll sometimes come down to face cards but if you’re using the Mage’s Association MC for the charge, you can always try the card shuffle if you don’t get any of his cards. I’ll usually use the Babylonia MC on wave 2 if I’m not sure that I’ll get enough overkill to get the required NP refund since it gives both NP charge and gain, but this is with a Kscope at level 56. I haven’t done the math to figure out how much of a difference grails would make.

Another thing to consider is that not all event farming nodes will have 3 enemies on the first two waves, so the double Skadi system won’t always be a go-to. I still think having Skadi and servants that can loop with her is a great gameplay/farming investment.

Your mileage may vary so it would probably be good to see what others have experienced.

Thats a good point.I am not planning to go 3 turn on every nodes.I usually use arash for the first wave when there is only 2 enemies on the second wave.So far,I havent face much problem farming eventhough his skills are not maxed out.Maybe I’ll just stop at np2.Is it a good idea to stop at np2?One more thing,do you consider a mlb kscope to be a must have?

It’s definitely up to you whether you want to try for another copy. If you’re F2P and really want other servants, my gut says to stop at NP2 and save for your other targets. If one of the servants you’re saving for happens to be Waver, that would help with making up for not having 100% starting NP gauge (in addition to all the other utility he brings).

MLB Kscope is great but not having it usually just means you need to adjust a bit. It can be pretty hard to get 5+ copies so most people have to do without for a long time. Before I had it, I was using plugsuit with Nero Bride after her skill upgrade that provides both NP charge and gain rate. I didn’t experiment too much with other setups but I’m sure other options will work. I’m not sure how many copies you currently have but I felt like being able to have the entire frontline equipped with regular Kscopes was more important than having just one MLB.

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Thx for the answer.This is a good session.I think I’ll just settle with np2.I gotta get Kama you know…and Reines.Because of

Waver+plugsuit and maxlvl 50%np CE like holy night suppers can help too. But you lost the chance to shuffle at the last wave.