Need some advice on rolling

Hey there ! I am a fairly new player since i got into Fate go about a month ago, right now i am struggling with finding out who to spend my quartz on. Previously during the 3rd anniversary i was lucky enough to pull skadi but since my account is new i dont really have the ressources to do skadi farming (notably i dont have any Quick aoe np servants, no kaleidoscope i only have non MLB imaginary element) so as a result i have done a bit of research on the topic and came accross the various skadi-dantes memes and saw that he gets a banner on the upcoming Summer 3 Event. But i also saw that outside of skadi Farming Dantes doesn’t perform that well. Then i saw that waver gets a rate Up Banner coming september with the fate zero rerun event. So the question is, is it worth for me to roll for Dantès right now or should i rather wait and Roll for waver later on since he is widely considered the best support all around?
As a bit of context my other noteworthy servants are Sigurd, herc, emiya Archer, osakabehime and most f2p servants although not leveled. I currently have 250 SQ and 35 Tickets at my disposal. Any advice is welcome!

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Waver is an excellent priority. And if it helps resisting the urge (to roll), level the good lower rarity servants. It is easy to overlook them, and it comes back to bite you later =)

Who you like the most.

If you’re after optimized gameplay pulls, go for:

  • Zhuge/Waver Velvet
  • Merlin
  • Nero (Bride)
  • Post-buff Reines
  • Tamamo
  • Other supports (Nightless Assassin, Chiron, Gilgamesh (Caster), etc.)

Native supports will take you far.

In that respect, Parvati is a superior choice if you can pick her for free from the ticket we will likely get this year. She’s workable with MLB IE.
Not that Skadi looping is anything but a convenience mind you. It is very convenient to run 5 free CE slot farming comps, and Skadi herself is a ridiculously powerful buffer, but Skadi Loop Go Brrr isn’t quite necessary.

Factually untrue. With the proper setups, and NP2+, Dantes is even now in JP one of the best CQ pointmen full stop. However, it tends to be costly, and won’t be immediately accessible to you if you do roll him NP2+ somehow, and CQs take up like 5% of your time and can be solo cheesed/are never actually hard to finish if “completing” is your standard, so on.

Waver adds more, and more immediate and valuable, versatility. You wouldn’t even be able to fully support Dantes right now if you did roll him, even if long-term you’d have an amazing pull for all manners of content.

Invest in your F2Ps. David/Robin/Euryale for example, are all spectacular, and George/Leonidas are amazing meat-shields highly worth investing in. Low-rarity != Bad, or not useful. Vanishingly few Servants are outright bad (and could be counted on one hand among the F2Ps). Also give priority to raising Mozart and Shakepeare in particular, they are highly worthwhile supports at every stage of the game, more than some golds even.
Sigurd faces stiff competition, but he can still put in good work for you as an ST Buster DPS. Herc is someone you should bond farm for his bond CE, and gradually raise up in the event you need an anchor/last-man-standing unit.
Hime is currently weak, give her low-priority until after all her buffs.
EMIYA is worthwhile, after you take him to max ascension and finish all of his Rank Up Quests. Then he’s a crit monster with an incredibly powerful 3T 100% Crit/Stargen buff at L10 for his second skill.


Waver is a huge QoL improvement. I’d aim for him. Dantes comes back next year, so by the time next year rolls around, you’d have more Servants and you’d understand the game well enough to make a more informed decision about whether to roll for him or not.

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DSS is an end-game meme that shouldn’t concern you too much right now. The main benefit of DSS, opening up all your CE slots for event bonuses, won’t even be a concern for you anytime soon.

For a new player, the free Ishtar Rider you get from the current event is a great Servant to pair with Skadi. Once you have your Arash and Spartacus leveled, they can take care of majority of the 3T farming setups for you along with your main servants.

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honestly i would recommend saving for waver if you’re new. I got mine from valentines event and ever since everything become easier.

Wow thanks that was great and detailed advice! I think i’ll do as you recommend and save for waver, i saw the impact he has on any team thanks to the support list and it was impressive. In the mean time to resist the urge of rolling i’ll focus on grinding some f2p servants as well as the upcoming welfare servants like rider Ishtar and berserker jalter (i love them both) to get a change of pace.


:+1: Have fun with that.

If you’re concerned about saving in itself at any point as well, I’ll point you to this comment I made for tips on it, and this thread.


Regarding skadi looping stuff, the fact that you already pulled skadi pretty much means you can do skadi loops…eventually. So, if you focus on other servants for now, you will eventually get strong enough to farm the materials and qp needed to raise Skadi. By that point, you will probably also be able to pull the attacking servant to loop with. Prehaps through a four star ticket. Also, you can randomly get berserker lancelot/parvati/atalante from any summon. You will pull one of them eventually through random summon or a ticket, so just focus on improving your general servant roster, and looping will come in due time.