Need some advice/suggestion on which banner to roll for GSSR

hello! (first time posting here and idk if im posting correctly so i hope im posting in the right section) :sweat_smile:

i started to play last year and am planning to roll for the gssr coming in the next few weeks. im debating on whether to roll for the archer or assassin banner since i think those are the classes that i need to roll for :sweat_smile: here are all of my servants so far:

any suggestion into team building is also welcome ^^ thank u so much!

Archer, Assassin or Extra will be good choice since you’re lacking of those

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Gonna say go for Archer!

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It’s very hard to lose on the Archer banner. All of the SSR Archers are just great (Arjuna to a lesser degree but still decent).

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Assassin overall is nice,

Archer is the best option but if unlucky you get Orion…

I instead have to roll for Rider.

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You have a specific servant on the Rider banner you got your eye on?

There was a rather useful spreadsheet linked in this topic some time ago: FGO GSSR Overview spreadsheet .
It’s rather useful if you are rather torn between different banners.
So far I’d say go for Assassins or Extra - you rather lack effective non-welfare Assassins(and while Shiki is great, she is not always the best choice. Scathach as an AoE assassin is just meh, in my opinion) and pretty much all Extra SSR on this banner are great options.

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thank u so much! I was also thinking on rolling on the extra banner tho im already content with my avenger servants. :+1:

@Logania Many.

Summer Artoria, because i want her.

Ozy, Quetz, Drake because all of them are only NP1

I just hope to not roll Medb or Iskandar, but whatever… in the end i’m starving for riders.

Whatever i get, all that matters is that he is a SSR Rider.

I do consider jackpot a Ozy or Summer Artoria

Ah I see. Yeah, Artoria rider is very tempting.

Hope you don’t get Medb or Iskander though, it’s one of the reasons I’m not taking a chance on that banner lol

@Logania and that is why i already changed idea…

Going for extra.

Worst pulls are Jeanne and Amakusa that both would go np2.

And both these worst pulls are great pulls