Need some help building a team

Hey :) I’m new still and dont really know what cards to use. Just played some days and got this characters. The game is awesome and I would like to get the best of my characters. Tips about a focus on my team would also help me. Thank you :)

These are my characters:

Well you got SS Vegito, best unit in the game, which is a pretty good start for a new player lol. Your best bet would be to build a Fusion/Saiyan team around him.
Core: SS Vegito (purple), Vegito (red) and SS Blue Goku (blue)
Bench: GT SS Kid Goku (green), SS Gotenks (purple) Raditz ex (blue).
Honestly you have a very strong roster for having just started. SS Blue Goku is also one of the best units in the game lol. GT kid goku is also very strong and can be subbed in if you need a blue counter. This team should honestly last you a pretty long time.


Thank you so much for your help! I really appreciate that. Yes, got some lucky drafts in the beginning but was unsure how to use.

Happy to help