Need some help for building a Fire Season Team! Also discussion of potential new merge projects

Okay, so I’ve mention on a previous post that I’ve merged up Kaden and want to use him in arena.

I’ve got considerations of using him in Fire Season because L!Hector can consistently provide buffs to Def/Res, to add large amounts of bulk to my team by stacking extra stats. I’ve also got ways to buff Atk/Spd too.

The main concern now is what the third main unit will be!

This has been tricky, as I want a unit to provide movement support for L!Hector (like a second armour unit, or a flier), and a unit that Kaden can get close to so he can transform a little easier (Like a Dragon unit). I also should have a unit that isn’t green (since L!Hector and Kaden fill those shoes). The main problem is that there aren’t all that many choices that fill BOTH of these respective needs, especially for FTP units. For a Flier I could use Seteth, but Kaden would have a harder time transforming.

So I might need to consider a brand new 5 Star merge project for a unit to fill those shoes. I’ve thought of a few like Lilith and Ascended Idunn, but I can’t think of much else so far.

My Duma could make for a decent placeholder on the right season, but I know there are better units for that.

What other potential units could I use?


Have you considered Kyza? Red beast wall, amazing prf

Also the new blue furry is super nice and scores really well


I was thinking the exact same 2 units


His transformation mechanic is the most flexible for mixed teams such as yours, and he can be the bridge bewteen both beasts and beorc units. In order to use Kaden’s drive visible buffs+drive guard the bests as possible, an EP set is the best there is. I think F!Muarim really benefits from all stats but having extra help in res can secure a lot of otherwise hard machups for Fire Season such as L!Celica and L!Lilina, which is why I went for Distant Stance instead of Distant Dart in this build, and you can also change Darting Breath for Warding Breath instead since he already has a lot of speed and Kaden will provide even more with Goad Beast+drive buffs.


Same idea, but you really want to go all-in Spd for Kyza. He has a superboon in Spd and getting Goad Beast+drive stats from Kaden is too good to pass on. Tbh you can use these 2 guys+L!Hector+Kaden and you have a perfect team for Arena imo. Very high score too if you give Kaden G Duel Cavalry 4 from Otr.


Yeah, I do intend to give Kaden G Duel Cav as I picked up an Otr a good while ago.

The main concern is that L!Hector ends up being very slow in terms of moving around (that and L!Lilina will eat my team alive unless I engage first).

But I do quite like the considerations here! Kyza in particular is quite a nice one since he could fight L!Edelgard quite nicely.


Believe it or not, with Kaden support (only refined prf in sim, without counting C and SS slots for Goad/Drive) this F!Muarim can live L!Linina AoE on EP as long as she doesn’t have Lull Res:

Since you must always expect Rally+ in Arena, this kind of matchup is where his prf’s Dull effect comes to shine. He takes 5 out-of-combat damage afterwards, meaning that he’ll actually survive with 9 HP. Which means that you can only enter 1 round of combat before her, assuming he doesn’t take damage on retaliation.


Interesting! Didn’t expect him to be able to beat her!

Muarim really is strong!


If LHector is your main Legend/Tank then maybe a unit who can cover his weaknesses?

Such as a blue non-armour unit with high Res.

Halloween Sophia comes to mind as she can also get Hector about via skills like GO and Guidance.
And she also just laughs at LLilina.


I had thoughts about using her as well (But I did forget to mention her)! I’d mainly need to wait for a banner with B Duel Flying first if I decided to use her.


What Duel 4 skills have you got right now?

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Well, I mainly have G Duel Cavalry 4, B Duel Infantry 4, and C Duel Cavalry 4.

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B Duel Inf 4, I can work with that.

Let me have a little look.

So your main threats are things that kill Hector, and in general the other Legends?

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Yeah, I’m mainly concerned about L!Lilina and L!Edelgard.

One thing is that B Duel Infantry might be used for Riev in Wind Season (but I haven’t decided yet).

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Riev was the first one that came to mind actually.

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This is with LHector’s weapon buff:

Mainly aims to one shot those foes you fear while providing his Stall/Debuff support.

Ofc Duo Chrom would still be a problem but outside of like Lukas and MRobin, two old units who can’t do much outside just being a potential wall, not much can stand up to him.

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Yeah, He is quite useful indeed! I mainly had him in mind for Wind Season mainly because he can slow L!Sigurd down to a crawl. But he could maybe find use in Fire Season as well.


Nothing saying you can’t run him in both provided you have the blessings.

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I suppose I could do that for the time being, but it would be a little awkward if I did that for too long, as I’d slowly lose blessings over time.

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Well, for example you could ignore the blessing for a week you know you’ll be dropping a rank, then make sure its right when you intend to climb.

Would save a few in the long run.

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I suppose that’s true! I can give that a try perhaps once I’ve built up Riev.

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