Need some help planning my summons!

Okay so here’s the gist:

I’ve got 500+ orbs and I need to decide on how to use them in order to make a proper Earth Season core.

First, I was considering using Seteth alongside a Y!Innes for one team. This would mean that I’d need x4 more copies of Seteth (or x3 if I get the free copy available). There is the Forging Bonds revival that contains him as a focus unit that I could use to get those merges, but I’m also looking for other skills.

Second, Ruptured Sky. I need a copy of this skill for if I build Y!Innes to make him a powerhouse. I could wait for the Divine Code copy of Male Byleth, but that could several more months of waiting.

Third, Dragon Wall. This one in particular is the one that worries me. I need this to truly optimise my L!Robin and bolster their performance in arena. However, this requires Seiros who is on the Legendary banner this month and that could use a high number of orbs.

Finally there also is B Duel Cavalry. I’ve been thinking of picking this up so I can use the Death Knight (who is already +10) and use him in wind season, since I need to up my scoring (but also using a unit I like).

Generally I know I can’t summon for all of these since I don’t wanna spread my orbs too thin but I need to actually decide on what to do for my Earth Season arena team (and improving Wind Season too)

Are there any pointers on what I should do and which banners should I use my orbs on? You all get headpats for reading this far :catpat:

Edit: one other thing is that I do have an alternative that uses my already +10 M!Grima and then a W!Felix, so I could use that and can minimise my summons.


Well, this is an interesting predicament. There is going to be some waiting involved no matter what. Ruptured Sky is pretty hard fodder to come by since it involves you praying to get pitybroken by a Byleth. However, Overseas Memories is due to return soon, and Duo Byleth is the only foreseeable source of Ruptured Sky for the near future (and you can even snag Atk/Spd Push 4 for Mininess as well). That said, pulling for a seasonal can be dubious. It may well take most or even all of your stash. I’d much rather use her on Mininness than the M-Byleth manual though, since using a M-Byleth on a ranged unit means wasting Distant Counter

I’d prioritize Dragon Wall over pulling for Seteth now, however. Since you’ll be pulling blue for Dragon Wall anyway, there’s a decent chance a Seteth will pop up in your attempts. Of course it’s always possible you get very unlucky, but generally I’d say going for fodder with a chance of pulling a 3-4 Star is more efficient than pulling for the 3-4 Star

I don’t know what you run on your Death Knight, but personally I think using him for Arena is dubious. Many powerful Arena threats are ranged (Duo Byleth, L-Lilina, Duo Líf, Duo Lyn) and DK has a very poor Player Phase and no DC from being forced to run the Duel. So I don’t think the Duel skill is worth it.


Yeah, you make some good points.

It might be the case that I’ll need to save orbs for one type of fodder so I don’t spread my orbs too thin.

I did actually get a bit eager and pulled for a 3 Seteths (but enough for +9 since of the divine codes/future summons). Luckily it only took 20 orbs to get what I need (and also got me a Sirius as well) so I can save up again.

So I’d say that it might be better for me to save for Dragon Wall since it’s much rarer (and limited) due to it only being on Seiros, and then get Ruptured Sky later but I’ll have a think.

I still want to use my M!Grima somewhere however. I could maybe use him in Wind Season, but I’d probably need another armoured unit that can beat L!Sigurd.


@Lain has a fully merged DK, maybe they can provide their opinion on using him in arena.


you dont
he sucks big ass
wait for his refine and then use him


Well I guess that’s one way of putting it! :catroll:

I mainly considered DK since I already have him at +10, and I LOVE his design, voice lines, and artwork.

So he may be weak but he could fight L!Sigurd quite nicely in theory since his Scythe of Sariel works on movement bonuses.