Need some help to upgrade my team

Hello dear community. I played this game some months ago really often but then had no time anymore. Since the last two weeks I started again to play it and I wanted to ask if I could change or upgrade my team since maybe there is a new meta. About some time ago someone had helped me a lot and recommended me the following lineup:

Core: Super Vegito, Vegito, SSG Goku

Bench: SS Goku, Vegeta (purple), Raditz

Do you have any suggestions for an upgrade or should I leave everything this way? These are all my characters:

It would be really thankful for some help dear community.

I think it’s good as it is but if i were you, I would try get SSJ Bardock because with him, you can use Super Vegito, Transforming Vegeta and SSJ GT Goku in the core and with his buffs, they get a lot of nice offensive buffs, specially Super Vegito.