Need some help with my team please

It has been a while since i’ve asked for help with a team so i will ask again, as i really do appreciate what i can learn here :)
This is my current team, but i feel like a really suffer with not having any cover effect that could disrupt opponents combo. I’m F2P player only. Playing 150 days, so don’t expect me to get something good from new banners ;)

Below most of my characters + 6stars god shalot

Anyone? :slight_smile:
I also got a bit lucky lately and i hae Goku black Green on 7 stars.
which got me to future team
PF cell revived red (8 stars)
Fusion Zamasu/Vegeta Purple (both 7 stars)
Goku Black Green (7 stars)
1st form Cell 8 stars (green)
Trunks (youth) 14 stars Z6 blue

Make a future team

-> Goku Black green
-> Future Vegeta purple
-> Perfect Cell Revived red

->Fusion Zamazu purple
->Goku Black Rose red
-> Zenkai Trunks (youth) blue

Get Zenkai Trunks at Zenkai 7.
You can use the Zenkai Trunks in your core when you are facing strong red characters