Need some info on building a Bridedelia. Candlewax bow+ or Brave Bow+?

So I’ve been wondering if a Rolf’s Bow (Candlewax) build has any merit over a more standard Brave Build for Cordelia since I’ve been feeling like building her up lately but have been favoring Candlewax for it’s increased durability and stats (she’ll have 36 Hp, 55 atk, 46 speed (and an extra +2 from speed from forge), 17 def and res) and a fury effect which can also help push her into desperation range (gets her to it in two attacks assuming no retaliation).
The Cordelia is a non merged +spd -res.
My current build is running Life and Death 3, Desperation 3, Savage Blow 3, Moonbow with Flashing Blade 3 seal for both sets (with thoughts of maybe something like hp +4/atk +2 seal for the Candlewax set if it’s necessary or works better).

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According to the general build you’re describing, I think candlewax bow would work best on her.
I’d just run her with a healer to make sure her health doesn’t drop too low.

Plus, if you really need a quad archer, Klein is always a good option. :kleinyes: :kleinyes: :kleinyes:

Also welcome to gamepress! :hridexcited:


Mmm, unless you have a dedicated speed debuffed on your team, like Chill Spd, Spd Ploy, or even someone like Aversa, then I can see this working, but 44 speed (with a +6 speed buff) is just not that high anymore unless you’re wanting to do the classic Brave Bow + 3 Dancer clear for Abyssal content.

If you don’t have Brazen Spd fodder, then you could do this maybe?

The problem is that you’re gonna need her with something like Reciprocal Aid or whatever that other healing Assist is because her HP and terrible bulk is just gonna get her annihilated.


You could do this.

But that leads to a different issue - Wary Fighter. This skill is such a common thing in PvE armored units so you’ll have to use a few turns chipping away at their health, and if they have high HP, defense, and Guard?

So yeah, just be careful.


Ooo I did not consider Fury or Brazen skills on either but these are good.
The Fury with Candlewax is also extra good albeit a bit unorthodox since it pushes her to desperation in one go (with the Fury 6 effect) and gives her the base bulk she desperately needs to get to desperation while not sacrificing much into her offensives stats.
Yeah 44 speed with bonuses definitely isn’t what it used to be unfortunately.
Appreciate the response and feedback.
I really like the second Brave set since it’s a creative way to max out her offenses with Brave Bow while maintaining a more reasonable beginning bulk. I think ultimately I’m probably the most down with the last one first since it addresses her issues the most and put a heftier.

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