Need some inspiration for new team building. Also directed toward seasonal bow users

I want to build a team using an S!Nephenee I luckily pulled on that banner.
Also, for those who use seasonal bows, what does your team/s look like?

Now, while S!Neph has sub-optimal IV’s at +HP/-ATK, I’ve given her Candlewick Bow, LnD 3, Short Bow, Desperation, Close Guard, Threaten Def so far

I really don’t know where I’m going with this team, I just know I want her there somehow.
She could either play pure offense, pure support, a mix;
her build could be as flexible as my available fodder allows it.

As for what this team would be for:
basically anything/everything: story, coliseum, chain challenges, bound hero, events etc.
I use my main team similarly (Kronya, Nephenee, Reyson, lazura), and they’ve been pretty successful.
Ofc I’m stuck at T17 for Arena, which I’m okay with, so if this new team could at least keep the status quo, that’s cool.


I made my S!Nephenee full support but she also has good killing power. She makes dragons easier to beat as well.


Three Dancers


I could manage that build, cool!
Also, how do you mean dragons are easier to beat? Like, just by her raw power?

…Lain, that’s disgusting.
Never thought I’d hear that from you
But hey, “disgusting” is my middle name, so what the heck, why not?!*

Dragons are 1 ranged, you gain 8 def/res with her bow and close guard from 1 ranged attacks when near her. That is what I meant.


Guard buffs nearby allies’ bulk, not unit, i think.
forget that, i got it now
rip my reading




I was going to show you an example but I still take a lot of damage and the only reason why I’m surviving is because of close call.

Then again, Astram’s res is really bad.
(Sorry about the Pics being inconsistent.)


Jeez, nice!
notices close call…hmmm


I was trying to show Fiddlestick bow + close guard’s power but I just showed close calls power instead. Let me try again.


With defense tile and Nephenee

With defense tile and w/o Nephenee.

I’m looking mostly at the base damage forecast, before damage reduction.


thanks for running those for exemplification


I don’t have many dragon units of my own to try. I forgot about aether raid tests.

I also just remembered that it will power up Bonfires, Icebergs and the like against all 1 ranged opponents, no matter it being dragons or physical. (4 damage but still.) Maybe double close guard isnt that good.

Seasonal archers you say? Well I run my NY!Fjorm with triple chills, flier guidance and any old a slot, with moonbow