Need some Motivation to play this game again

I started about 3 months ago and I have been trying to save up all my quartz for Musashi hoping to pull one or two copies of her but to no avail, the only 5 star I got out of 1000 quartz was Jeanne d which I didn’t mind getting. I also manage to pull 7 copies of Paraiso which I burn away due to me raging over not pulling Musashi and I really wasn’t in the right of mind back then. I really love Musashi and she’s the main really why I play this game and seeing how other people get her really pain me and it really turns off my drive to play this game. I have been trying to come back to fgo after not playing the recent Halloween event but I’m finding it really difficult to continue. I don’t know if I’m the only one who fails miserably to pull the servant they want but how do you guys not quit when not getting what you want.


Ouch, sorry about that. It sucks to not get the servant you’ve been saving up everything for… a lot of us have been there.
Musashi will most likely come back this New Years’ (so in 2-ish months), so you have another shot at her then.
Other than that, you can always buy a starter account with her on it on eBay and I’m pretty sure they sell it for much cheaper than what a SQ pack costs.


You’re definitely going to fail hard, and succeed well.

Case and point. During Melt’s banner in May for the CCC Event i spent 1000+ SQ and only got a copy of Jeanne Ruler. Along with a bunch of SR’s, but the point still applies. I’m honestly tempted to burn Melt if i get her on a GSSR at some point in the future.

You might want to visit, Welcome to The Salt Repository You are definitely not alone.

Also as an alternative you could invest in the various GSSR’s and you might get lucky and get her you never know, and it’ll certainly cost your wallet a lot less if you succeed.

Musashi isn’t the only servant out there, who knows you could find another you love. I typically use ‘clairvoyance’ in the form of this site to look for Servants coming in the future. Just be sure to look at them as though they’re two years behind the current date because the banners are based off the JP version and that server is two years ahead of ours.

Don’t force it. Some people just don’t play for a while after a failed roll session (I basically just did dailies and not much else after one of mine), some wait for events, w/e. If you’re sad and not having fun then you’re not and forcing it is gonna make it worse. Her future banners, and the matter of purchasing an account with a desire gold, have already been covered so I’m simply going to second those.


I probably will not buy a starter account since I put over too much time into my main account already. I even grind even material just for Musashi to get to skill 10/10/10. So I think I’ll just save up quartz for now until new year and hope I can get at least 1 copy of her. if not I think I just stop playing log in every day until she comes again.


Gacha is really punishing in this game. If you can’t deal with that, don’t bother with the game.

If you like story and combat enough, just keep playing.


1% SSR rates are 1%.

It’s dumb. But it’s Fate. So the game has not only survived but thrived.

Just log in and play events until her next banner. With lottery events upcoming daily play is pretty optional. Outside of getting SQ saved up before her banner.


The only one that can motivate to play this is yourself. If you think is worth to start saving, then go ahead. I think Musashi will have another banner for New Year, so you can get a decent stock of SQ and tickets. But as I told, it’s only you the only one who will decide if it is worth.


Yeah if you can’t enjoy the game because of Musashi, it’s best to take a break. Log in for rewards, and check out events that might seem interesting to come back to. Besides January, she’ll have a few rate ups usually associated with singularity banners where she’ll be featured again.

Couldn’t tell you the number of times this game has frustrated me because I just couldn’t seem to get anything good. And to be honest during Musashi’s first rate-up she did not want to be summoned to my Chaldea. Well second time was the charm for me, I hope her next rate up will bring you good luck as well.

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If it make you feel better, I failed badly on getting Okita on her rerun even though I been saving alot as a F2p.

I’m still depres s, and knowing a person on my friend list keep rubbing in people face on every servants he managed to get from the gacha doesn’t help. He a jerk.

It is dumb, and I doubt people with Ex luck will complain at all.

honestly, there isn’t much else to do but pick up the pieces and move on

I’ve had both successes and failures for things I’ve rolled for plenty of times, and even some successes for things I didn’t roll for. it’s just how the rng works

though at the same time, you also shouldn’t force yourself to play. it’s a game first and foremost, after all. so if it stops being enjoyable enough for any reason, then it’s alright to step a way for a time, or even permanently


I only able to say this, if you like musashi then don’t quit we’ll get summer musashi.


I’ve been there as well (though with less SQ) I spent approximately 450 SQ and failed to acquired Umu Bride during Nerofest — it happens. Do your best to look forward to their next banner. I hope the best of luck for you.

The Gacha can be hell, considered quiting after not getting Melt, the previous failure not getting proto Arthur, and the insane amount of quartz I needed for both First Hassan and Cleo stacking those in quick succession. Prob the only thing that held me on was thinking about my exploits and fun I’d had running my way through the game to that point. I’d either buy an account with Musashi or just save up and try again you haven’t lost her yet.

People also pointed out she has a summer version that comes out in a couple years so if it’s just the character you like you could always change targets to her berserker form.

Grail Regend in her honor


There’s still another chance of rolling her if you really only wanted Musashi then Berserker (Musashi). Lol. Do you know how hard it was to like almost all the Servants because you’re a geek?

If things go out of hand, you could even get Musashi of all Classes but that’s just a wishful desire. What I mean to say is there’s always more to look forward with.

I will always remember the recent Shouten banner.

I used a good chunk of Sqz.

Long story short, most rolls got me nothing. Then i got 3,and i repeat 3, Shuten with the last 5 rolls.

Point is, gatcha is cruel because it is random.
Today you are lucky, tomorrow you get nothing.

I failed rolling for tama lancer with north of 750 quartz. It’s a hard pill to swallow, and the feeling doesn’t really leave you very easily. But, there will be more opportunities, and you just gotta keep moving on.

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sorry to hear this…I am in a similar boat, f2p saving up for Eresh. I have 120 tickets and 700 SQ saved for her and will be pretty disappointed if I don’t get her. Unless you just don’t enjoy the stories or the gameplay at all, keep grinding as the luck tends to balance out over the LONG run. I have been playing for a year and the luck has been mixed, but overall fairly balanced. A lot of disappointment when I didn’t get Nero Bride, MHXA, or Melt, but really excited to get Avenger Doggo, Okita, and Quetz all on single 10x pulls.

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