Need some pulling advice from gacha veterans

The situation:
I play since day one and never got a seasonal character or gala character (no Helly, DY!Cleo, no VHilde, no Sarisse, Granzal, or Mym) even if I spent 100 pulls on Halloween banner and 200+ on the rest.
I am now currently broke because I spent 50+ pulls on the previous maribelle banner with no 5* in an attempt to gain luck. I did get the feh collab and zodiac units (230 pulls, 150 pulls, quite lucky).
What I’m afraid of:
Now since I know of a lot of f2p users who saved like me but always managed to pull what they wanted and continued saving (tons of people have all seasonals and limited and like 20k/30k/40k wyrmite left, idk how but it’s common it seems from what I see), I’m very behind on pulls. I’m afraid that I will never get what I want, expecially since I would want to summon on the seasonal reruns in the future even if some units could be powercreeped. I don’t know if saving it’s even worth it with my luck, and where should I even pull, since if I continue getting broke without finding a seasonal every time, I won’t have ever enough pulls for the next limited.
My thought on what to do:
I can’t afford pulling on summer since I probably won’t even have enough pulls for a guaranteed 5*, and even if I do it will be eldwater or a off focus 5*. It pains me but I don’t think I can do it.
I can’t afford pulling on gala, since the last one was really garbage, and a 0,5% for featured and minimal chances of getting units like mym is impossible for me. Also I always get eldwater so it’s out of the question.
So that leaves me with what should I even do with my wyrmite? I would like to pull for the limited reruns in the future, but that would me make way behind in my collection than every other else. Also collabs are even more rare but we don’t even know when we will get another one, if we get one. But even if I save for one seasonal like Halloween, it’s it even worth it to spend more than 300 pulls to get only halloween elly, and then probably starting from start again? Maybe it’s better to pull on a banner with all seasonals like a probable anniversary banner? But would that even be worth it if it was something like all seasonals included but every 5* has the same abysmal rates?

And now having said all that, I need some advices on what to do because there are many paths i could take, but none of them will bring me to my goal (getting as many limited units as I can, and more than 1 seasonal I guess). I would like some opinions on gacha veterans too, unlucky one would be preffered, since I tried testing my luck with both saving and pulling whenever on the last banner and it all brought me salt. For additional info, I don’t really need limited for clearing the game, just for collection and self accomplishment, I usually clear with 4*/3* characters anyway.

EDIT: Since people can’t understand what I want, I want to know where to save and pull for now to maximize the seasonal I can get. Where should I pull?

Just trick the system, desire sensor is a very real thing, so just make it seem like you don’t care about getting something.

In all seriousness though, that seems tough. I get the feeling of not getting what you want, because whenever I pull for something in specific I never get it, or it takes a very long time to get it, but in the end I’m lucky because I end up getting units I wanted off-focus.

Best I can say is not to let it get to you, there are a lot of ways to play gachas, you can focus on collecting everything (which seems to be what you want), you could be into hardcore progression so you do everything as fast as possible and you try to be at the top of new content, or you can just play casually and let go of all worries, just enjoy what the game has to offer. If you are feeling unlucky, I suggest you try enjoying the game in a different manner. You can clear all content in Dragalia Lost as a f2p, and quite consistently too, and even 3* adventurers can clear all content, hell some 3* are even better than some 5* adventurers, as for dragons, a MUB 4* dragon is way better than a 3 times unbound 5* dragon, and they can clear all content just fine. If you get a lot of eldwater, than you can easily get characters you like to 5* and max mana circle. So just shift your focus from collecting to other sorts of things, you don’t need to let not getting what you want get to you, and maybe if you shift your focus your luck will change.

P.S. some gachas also have pvp which can also be another point to focus on rather than collection, sadly it’s not a thing in Dragalia Lost, but if you find yourself in the same situation in another gacha, that could be another thing you could look into.

If you want seasonals, pull on the limited seasonal banners like you have. There’s no other way of getting them.

Your previous luck isn’t indicative of your future luck. So it may well turn around.

Also this whole “being behind on collecting” business is BS. It’s not a competition, if you want every unit you probably have to whale or be really lucky.

Just be happy with what you have, it’s a much healthier mindset than chasing after rare units. Especially since you have Ieyasu and the FEH characters, not everybody has those either.

Plus not that many people have all the seasonals, for every person who flexes with their brigade of seasonals, there are probably hundreds of people who weren’t lucky enough to get one.

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I just asked about what to do in the future and you just told me “do like you always have even if it didn’t work before”, this isn’t helpful at all because I already explained why doing this isn’t working and won’t work in the future. Also no other way of getting them? Usually cygames usually puts them togethere on anniversary banners, so you’re probably not very informed, so you shouldn’t give advice.

And yes, I am behind on collecting stuff because that’s what gachas are about, playing and getting rare stuff from the gacha system. It’s not a competition, but i’m still behind. Again, not helpful.

Being happy with what I have? I already am, I didn’t complain about anything, I just explained the situation I am in saying I want to get seasonals and how to get them. Telling what I have, what I experienced, and what I don’t have it’s the most useful way to get good opinions, but it’s not working apparently.
You’re trying to console me on a post in which I just asked how to maximize my pulls? Again not helpful
Also for the “not everyone has all the FEH characters” argument, those people usually have at least one seasonal or gala which I don’t have, what’s the point of this? Nothing.

If you have something helpful for my situation you can say it, but you don’t have to treat me like a baby who’s crying and trying to console me with “there there, there are more unlucky people than you”. You throw a “yeah just put on seasonals banners” without saying which, how many should I save first, when to stop, why you think it’s good or something. No arguments. But you threw a lot of arguments saying how I should be happy with what I have, that’s not the answer, that’s just you ridiculizing me. Not. Helpful.

Don’t stress about what you have or will get, and don’t bankrupt yourself. I’ve been playing since day one, and at first I worried about missing out on banners and characters as well. But I’ve learned to not panic over it. Even the limited banners come back around, and most characters get added to the normal pool eventually. Just save your wyrmite for seasonal and limited banners, and save your single pull tickets. Never do a tenfold without having used 10 single pull tickets first to raise your odds.

I have every 3*, all but 14*, and 22 out of 33 5* and I’ve only bought diamantium three or four times for a tenfold pull. You might not feel like what you were doing worked, and you might not feel like it will. But I’ve been doing the same thing and it does work in time. You either need to be rich or patient, there really aren’t any other options for a gacha game.

Dude, I said I only saved for limited and you’re telling me to save for limiteds? I know they come back, but they will come back with other limited banners like I said so…
I don’t think you read my question at all. Please read and understand before replying.
Also saying “I have 22 out of 33 5* characters” kind of feel like bragging, I only found 15 nat 5* and I’m day one as well. I know it was just telling what you have, but since you apparently didn’t read at all what I wrote it seems only like you just gave a random advice which I am already doing onlyto show how good your collection is. And that’s a jerk move.

I’m not bragging. I’m just telling you to be patient. There is no special trick to randomized drawings. If there were, we’d all be lottery winners. I was only trying to say that I don’t spend hundreds of dollars on this game and I’m not luckier than anyone else or have a special trick. I only pull on limited banners, or if the 4* adventurer will improve my team.

I would say to not pull for this wedding banner unless you need a wind healer, since the new characters are not limited. They will be available permanently, like Student Maribelle. It may be easier to get them now, but it’s not a guarantee and they aren’t going anywhere. Save until the next Gala or seasonal event. You won’t be behind unless they release a character with some game changing mechanic, which really hasn’t happened yet. Even characters with new mechanics usually aren’t all that great.

Look , don’t pull on every banner. I know it’s hard but at the same time are you going to use every single wind character you summon, if you already have 7 wind characters?

If you are tempted to pull, just limit yourself to 10 pulls. I had to learn the hard way and almost did 350 pulls on Mym to get her.

I myself, no longer pull on every banner unless they are very useful or I like their design a lot and plan on putting them in my squad somehow. I don’t know how other f2p players get every single character , i’m sure they are still missing plenty, they just don’t post that.

Even if it’s seasonal, If I don’t have a use for it . I still don’t care to pull because at the end of the day, it doesn’t equal the worth. What happens if a new unit comes out and you wasted all your pearls on a wedding Elly when they decide to release a OP Wind Healer waifu. Then your back to square one kicking yourself about summoning.

Lol if you’re sure that they’ll put the seasonal characters on the anniversary banner, why did you even make this thread? It’s a no-brainer to save for that then.

Everyone here is trying to help you but you always reply with “that doesn’t help me”/“you didn’t read my initial post”. Hard to see how that doesn’t come off as being whiny.

Because I never pulled on an anniversary banner and it’s just a “what if” for now? Don’t act all high and mighty, I needed advice for a reason from veterans which you aren’t. Who knows if it’s the right banner to pull and if seasonals are only present or off focus. But I already stated that so read nino, read.

If I write something and I ask something specific, why should people “help me” saying stuff that’s irrelevant or don’t apply on my situation? I’m not whiny, I try not to derail the thread. Like you do with these whiny remarks that don’t help at all. Stop trying to sound intelligent it’s seriously pathetic.

Dude… a replie like that gives people bad opinions about how you take advice which you asked for. Just summon and see if you get any of the units and just move on… its that simple.