Need some suggestions in expanding my roster

Magallan, SA, Ange: S3M3
Saria: S1M3, S2M2
Chen, lapp and specter: S2M3
Exu, ifrit: S2M2
Eyja: S2M1, S3M3
Siege, utage, astesia: S2M1
Bp: M1 both
Meteorite, feater: S1M1
Myrtle: M3 both

Since my main roster is alr solid, I wanted to start building some niche ops, but I’m not sure which is of higher priority.

I was considering of E2ing either a boss killer (provence or amiya), stall strat (feater S1 or S2M3, manti, ethan, cliff), dps stun (bibeak), global snipe (ambriel), 2nd healing def (nearl) or mayb a 2nd st healer + sp battery (warfarin)

I’m E2ing mostima and S1M3ing bp soon, but what should I do after that? Your opinions are highly appreciated.

After your Mostima, I’d suggest rounding out your core with Nearl and Warfarin.

Boss killer wise provence is OK but I’d much prefer the range that schwarz gives so you might wanna wait for her. Amiya can work too if you like her but playing around her takes a little bit more effort.

Weedy is coming soon, so might as well wait if you haven’t built Feater or Shaw.

I see, so once my core is rounded up, then I would have the liberty to build other ops. And yes I am rolling for weedy, so the stall strat can come after that.

Noted, thanks for your suggestion.

Is there any particular reason why you haven’t built Silence up to e1-50/60?
She certainly gives a different option as far as medics go. Her drones are incredibly useful.

As for your roster and future plans, in your position I would m3 more of my core squad before building niche operators that might potentially just sit on the bench of get replaced.
Ifrit, Exu, Siege are certainly all worthy.

I got silence very late, so I’ve pretty much learnt to adapt my strategies without her niche. In fact, the high rise cc stage was the only stage I ever felt I needed silence, even then, it was back during cc beta. Now that my roster is more developed, my need for silence’s niche is diminishing.

Masteries for my core ops is a fair point, that’s why I’m M3ing bp for her phy/arts consistent dmg to complement exu and eyja with burst dmg. Masteries for 6 stars is so painful, besides I have chip catalysts collecting dust in my inventory - but I’ll keep your words in mind.

Perhaps the incoming darknights memoir event can alleviate this painful process.