Need suggestions for next month GSSR

Hi, I’ve been fgo since this year saber wars event. I was considering on going for the GSSR roll for next month, I’m undecided however in what I really need for my roster.

Currently this is my F2P roster, got pretty lucky on rolling 2 SR on the tutorial summoning. I don’t really know what I’m lacking on this roster. There’s also a Li-Shuwen and Emiya at the bottom just rolled from the GUDA GUDA event. Also, since I already got waver, pretty much already discarded the Caster banner because I don’t want to get unlucky, despite having merlin and fox.

Any suggestions for this roster are welcome.

Seems like Archer, Lancer, or Assassin would help you out most.

Most of the Archers in the GSSR (5/8) are AOE, which you lack. And the STs would either be a clear upgrade (Archuria), a useful niche (Orion, though she overlaps somewhat with Euryale), or… Moriarty.

Lancers are all excellent, this one would be the clearest upgrade since we’re not getting any more Lancer welfares until Kagetora next summer.

Assassin would also be an excellent upgrade because there’s a huge jump between 4* assassins and SSR assassins, even though Carmilla is pretty good. And there are no good free AOE options for you until Gray in April of next year.

For newer rosters I would not advise Extra or Zerker, even though some of the Zerk options are extremely newbie friendly, like Cu Alter. Saber you can get by with Bedi and Salter, Rider and Caster DPS are both covered by this year’s welfares.

Overall I would lean Lancer the most.

*Didn’t see the part where you mentioned Li Shuwen and Emiya. Though he’s not on the level of the big SSRs (some of which are monstrously good), Emiya is totally fine for AOE Archering and potentially has a nice crit turn to follow his NP.

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I agree. Go with Lancers.

Assassin is an arguable need, but Mecha Eli-chan will be available later this year and can sub for a ST Assassin. We’ll also be getting a ST Berzerker this summer as well which devalues the Berzerker option. AOE Rider will also be available soon.

Archer is also an arguable need and eventually you will want a better one, but both Emiyas are serviceable at NP1 (Alter will get an NP upgrade soon) and there’s always Robin Hood, Euryale, etc.

If you do chance across any other discussions re GSSR and see people discussing going with Extra, I would encourage you to ignore it. Extra is very enticing, but mostly to people with more developed rosters. There’s a high chance of a rare Servant, Waifu/Husbando picks, many are CQ compatible and additional NP levels on them are usually welcome.


Go for extra class.

You Will get Salieri because only 3 Star.

And things like Kiara Melt Okitan or Sherlock Dantes Jalter Hoku are Nice

Even though Extra has the least amount of duds in my opinion, I agree with others that you’re better off picking one of the traditional banners if your roster isn’t developed.

I’m not sure if you have any preferences, but most people seem to agree that Lancer is the safest bet, with most of them being a great/good outcome unlike some other banners with one to two duds (e.g. Orion in Archer banner, eww).

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I see…

I assume for the lancer banner, the winners would be Lartoria, Karna, Scathach and Enkidu?

Friend support lancers carried me during some singularities and I got lucky that someone with a maxe scathach accepted my request.

Tbh everyone is a winner in the Lancer bag. They range from very good to exceptional. There aren’t any losers in that batch, it’s arguably the strongest in overall quality.

Brynhildr and Scathach do monster-level damage if hitting niche, though.

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Honestly, any of the Lancers would be wins. All of them are really good. The ones you mentioned, Ereshkigal, Tamamo Shark, or Brynhildr. They’re all pretty dang good and can do their job pretty dang well.

So will Tamamo Shark.

Actually, for starting player, I would recommend Extra banner:

  • Decent chance to get Alter Ego Servant which are absolutely great investment for less developed rosters
  • Similar with not a bad chance for Foreigner - for veterans those are luxury picks, but I remember how much pain zerker bosses and nodes are when you are just starting. And Foreigners trivialize such encounters
  • Other outcomes are also not so bad - Rulers, especially Jean, would be great as anchors for prolonged fights, and Jalter is an utter DPS Beast, who will not come back till 2 years from now
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Here is a nice spreadsheet to help you figure it out!


I’m still going to disagree with this. Alter Egoes are plenty useful, but Mecha Liz is an excellent one, and free – I’d just wait for her instead of pulling for a SSR.

I don’t recall ever having problems killing off Berserkers, even on my new alts, since everything is class advantaged vs them. F2p taunts and Mash easily counter the more dangerous ones.

Jeanne needs a dedicated Arts team… not to mention Arts stall becomes less viable in the future due to the prevalence of touch of death crits. She is not a “throw her in and let her work” optimal option for new teams, nor are Sherlock or Amakusa.

Dantes is nothing special without Skadi. JAlter is alright but doesn’t shine without Merlin. Frankly, Cu Alter is way better as a support-less option than her. And I wouldn’t pull Extra GSSR just for a 1 out of 10 chance at JAlter.

I think another part to this question is also what you are aiming for with your regular rolls in the future. If you want to roll for, e.g. Kama, then you have to ask yourself if getting GSSR king hassan would be pointless since you would use kama over him (random example of course). Or if it will let you skip a planned servant to save more for the next one.

In a vacuum though, I would pick lancer. You have waver, so it is not like you can’t just borrow an extra class on the rare occasions that they are needed

Anyone with a 50% battery will be a godsend early on. Lancer has 2 which are good odds. Eresh maybe more difficult to level depending on where you are in the story. Artoria lancer is a little bit easier to level in general

Other notables with 50% batteries
Kintoki Berzerker Who is the only ST berserker with a 50% charge
Da Vinci
Tesla & Ishtar

Obviously you need rng to be on your side but Lancer is probably your best bet considering you roster

My point here: the earlier you get an AE in the roster - the bigger the payoff. Mecha Eli is still few months away. And it is not like like other AE will become useless once you get her: Okitan and Kiara are AoE characters with battery and Melt is an excellent ST unit (especially post Skadi, and she can work fine even with just 1 from support)

Not my experience. Problem with zerkers is that you must kill them fast, cause you cant expect for defensive class advantage to protect you. Here comes inherent difference between beginner and veteran raising an alt: as vet, you already have account om which you rolled for your favorites and use them there plus you know well the best way to progress and best early units to invest into. Beginner is still learning these and is more likely to invest into someone only because they seemed “cool” (whether character or gameplay wise), such teams will have more trouble working together against zerks.

No, Jean works well enough without a dedicated team, heck she brought good results even when she had stun on NP, while fighting with her in party takes longer - her NP can trivialize a lot of encounters in game: heck, she was the reason I could do boss fights and CQ at all when starting. Sorta agree about Sherlock and Amakusa, especially latter, but ability to effortlessly tank damage from 6 common classes is nothing to sniif at.

This is still far away enough content wise, that beginner should not worry much about it. Plus it still stays as viable option, jut not as much sure way to work

Agreed, but he is not a bad option either TBH, and you can always borrow one (just cause he can’t loop that way, does not mean he is bad)

She works fine with just support Merlin.


I’d advice you to get an Extra class as well.

Although the Lancer class seems like a better option, BUT you did mention a Li Shuwen, he can make do for now.

There’s not many downside on any of the classes really, but acquiring an Extra class would greatly add depth and diversity to your roster.

  • Rulers are easy to ascend and skill level and resist 6 classes.

  • Avengers ASSEMBLE were made to hit hard even without the class advantage while being neutral (except Zerkers) on all classes (anti Rulers).

  • Alter Egos are incredibly useful on multi-class cavalry nodes.

  • Foreigners are anti zerkers.

If you decide to roll for Extra class, you should also make use of your 1-3☆ servants and explore possible “placeholders” on other classes while you wait for those GSSRs. (Like using Roma as a temporary AOE Lancer, or Fuuma for your Assassin AOE)

But it’s totally up to you if you need diversity or a stable class right now…

Fair enough points. Part of my opinion is colored by my belief that all you need most times is a basic taunt line and a counter-class friend DPS unless special gimmicks are involved. Really Mash/Leo/Georgios (even with minimal levels) + Atlas code/plugsuit should carry you through all of part 1 easily, and a good deal of the challenge quests with ST NPs.

That’s why I’ve never seen a need to go for neutral classing (outside of Cu Alter) or Extra classing for the most part on my new accounts; I just borrowed the optimal friend DPS, which is usually what I advise to others just starting out since a max grailed max skilled 2k foued NP2+ SSR with level 100 CE is often going to dwarf whatever results you can produce on your own for quite a while as a newbie.

To that end, usually I also promote pulling for the major supports first over any DPSes. If it were me playing that account, I’d still pursue the Caster banner. Even if the chances of getting a new major support Caster are only 2/9, it’s not like getting one of the DPS Casters is a bad thing, and some of them are pretty great, like Nero or Sanzang. To me, Schez is the only dud in that group (though I hate Illya’s NP gain). But op specifically turned down the Caster banner, so here we are.

Alright. So i will either stick with Lancer or Extra, based on multiple opinions. Thanks for all the replies and the suggestions.

I’m not that far from the lostbelts as my current progress is on Shimousa.

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Enjoy it! One of my personal favorite chapters!