Need tips for last boss in Shinjuku

This is all of my Servants in the last 8 months or so and I just can’t find a good way to fight that last battle.
My problem is that I don’t have any good ST Caster to deal with the Ghost. I would just need to use a friend Sanzang w/ Black Grail but then I’ll lack of supports.
So any suggestions for me to deal with it?
(One notice is none of them have skill levels above 6 (except Mash) and I might not have enough EXP to raise any Servants to max level now)

I’d stick with that friend’s Sanzang, pairing her with Mash and Hans or BB for sustain and stall.
Focus on the ghost and keep Lalter in the backline to deal with Archer afterwards.

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Stick Mash on w/ Hans. Try and keep your team alive and use your NPs and Mash’s 1st and 3rd buffs strategically in time with Moriarty’s NP since it has pierc invulnerable and she has a high HP pool.

Use a Sanzang to rid yourself of the assassin. Then you can focus down Archer with Lalter and maybe include Euryale to stall that 3-turn NP. Cu (Proto) might be good for a last line of defense.

EDIT: Hans is going to die quickly if you don’t keep an eye on him, try to get his NP up ASAP.

This might be a controversial stance, but I actually took out Archer of Shinjuku before the ghost since NP5 Jaguar Warrior + Merlin = death. Jaguar Warrior was able to whittle the ghost down on her own with support from Mash and Merlin, and when she eventually died, Medea stepped in to NP spam whatever was left to death.

I’d say go ahead and follow the general advice to use a Friend Sanzang on the ghost and put a Lancer in the back line (show your Jaguar Warrior some love! D:), but if you’re struggling with that, switch it up and go after Archer first. You never know what might work for you.

Still quite new at this game, but maybe my experiece can help.

I used cu chulainn OG and support cu alter as dps and hans and then mash when he eventually die , and it went pretty well for me, though im hard-pressed to recall the detail of the battle. Maybe I was lucky that it went so smootly for me…
NP spam the ghost until it dies with Cu Alter before its charge gauge is full, then deal with Archer with Cu OG’s help. You probably can use cu proto instead, since your Cu OG is not leveled. I used atlas institute mystic code for invincibility at the worst case scenario and the cooldown reduction to make sure cu alter can get his evade skill active in time.

Mh, skill-levels would be good to know, particularly for NP-batteries to pair with certain NP-gauge CE and an el-Mellol support for immediate nuking - ma’am Kiara could put a dent into James’ spectral sidekick and stall both enemy nukes at the same time, zerk Cpt Purple could do a fair bit of damage to both too if you keep def-buffs up and redirect attacks via taunt, which will be particularly invaluable vs James.

I myself had the luxury of fielding Melt + my own el-Mellol to sicc after the ghost, leaving Taiga along with a couple other lance-girls to give James an effortless spanking. You can emulate that to a certain degree with Kiara instead of Melt - slower, but ma’am’s tough and her brave chains do hurt -, borrowed el-Mellol, your two lances + purple zerk in the back to much the same effect, I imagine.

I used my lvl 94 lalter with my waver, support Merlin, and back up mash.

From one new player to another.

There is no point getting stuck, just quartz your way forward. Alternatively, just save 3 command spells to revive your team.

Bring support Scathach. She will obliterate the boss in 1 NP.

Don’t actually do this


Nothing wrong with it. It is an in-game option to assist new players.

Sure, you can just 10/10/10 Merlin everything but not everyone has that luxury.

you shouldn’t need quartz if you’re up to shinjuku though. that’s far from being a “new player”

and it’s extra unnecessary here, as eor chapter completion is never required for anything aside from unlocking story locked servants in the story gacha, and the rewards aren’t time limited either


If that was me, i’m gonna run
Lalter-Mash-Merlin and chu proto on last slot.

Having Merlin who can slowly give damage to the ghost and Later who give damage to Archer, combined with mash deff skill can help you clear that node.

If something happen, chu proto can save you

Quartz is difficult to come by and story quests are there for the rest of your FGO life. I’d highly advise against using quartz for revive.

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Don’t use Quartz, just wait until you have 3 command seals available.

For the record I used Vlad/Mash/Waver front line with BB/Tamamo Lancer/Bond leech back line, although that probably doesn’t help you much.

Quite correct - the only other situation where bull-rushing an EoR-chapter may be warranted is if its completion were a requirement to participate in an upcoming event you are gung-ho about participating in and time’s a wasting. Was the case for me prior to CCC when I was stuck somewhere in Okeanos a couple weeks prior to the event with barely any Servant levelled to max - I may or may not have burned something like ~20-30 crystals in that time-frame to both grind my crew to higher levels + AP-reset to bulldoze through the story + rare team-revive on hard fights* when Command Spells were on cooldown.

On the other hand, I am not aware that completing any of the EoR-chapters will be a requirement for any event in the future. And by now, I am in a comfortable enough spot to not feel too compelled about spending crystals for grind, story-progression (leisurely got done with Shinjuku after Rasho re-run), etc.

*PS: Honorable mentions go to the very first fight in Camelot which taught me to look closely at enemy-composition in those fights from there on out and, unforgettably stacked as it was, final fight vs Zombie Ushi in Singularity VII - ate a CS-revive plus crystal, that one.

Mash+Hans+Eurayle+Support Jeanne d’arc (Ruler).

Trade out Jeanne for Eurayle once the ghost is dead. I used this team (only I used tamamo rather than Hans) and it is 100% full proof…but be sure to get a snickers, it is gonna take a while.

Heck, if you can’t use her NP for whatever reason, Jeanne can take a NP head on from archer of Shinjuku and laugh it off because it won’t even tickle her.

Cu alter solo is obviously the best way.

Well not really, but it is quite fun to solo thing.
I soloed this fight with jaguar warrior on my secondary account, using her, 3 tounter and chaldea mystic code. I have vivid memory of thet fight because I did it 2weeks ago

What I suggest is to focus the old dandy Archer if you use merlin support. Merlin can not protect you from him, and lalter is strong enought to kill him (I have her, she really crit hard).
Try to find a merlin with 2030 and you are gold.

If you pick waver support, focus the ghost, and stack your def up during Archer np turn. Mash +waver +any dps is a very powerful set.

Well you can also save 3 seals, which is free. But tbh, 1 quartz will not make or break your game.

So I don’t need to complete Shinjuku in order to get 10 SQ from Agartha when it is releashed, right?

campaign rewards never require any sort of completion

they’ll always just be dumped into your inbox for when you next log in

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