Need Tips


Hello guys, I’m a new F2P player in FGO. I think I started around March. And I need some tips on who to focus right now. I just reached Camelot and I don’t dare to start because from what I’ve heard it’s a difficulty jump. Thanks a lot!!


Wow you have a really good account for someone who started in March. Definitely one of the tougher bosses in Camelot is Gawain. His biggest counter is using either a high level Orion or NP5 Euryale for the extra damage against males. You have Tamamo so arts stall teams are going to get alot easier. If you want to focus on arts teams level up Tamamo straight away. Though regardless of what team you choose, getting your Mash to her highest level will definitely help protect your dps. There’s alot of content in Camelot, though in my opinion having strong support servants will help maximize any dps you have on the field.


I would advise focusing on

Gilgamesh AND David. The biggest roadblock in Camelot is Gawain and he is a saber. Use Gil for damage and David’s harp of healing to survive his AoE noble phantasm. You will probably need to borrow a Eurayle or Orion for their anti male and stalling abilities.

You will also want to have Bride for the Lion King.

You will also want to get mash up. She gains her best abilities this singularity. Probably work on tama and Hans too.


That’s an amazing startup, i’m kind of envy …
Btw you should focus on Tamamo & Nero, either for Gawain / Lion King fight


Guys, you see something weird in that line up? He has a Bedivere.:eyes:

I’d level Bedivere and his skills up, asap. Against Tristan, he can deal a lot of damage with an NPBB Brave Chain. And Level Mash’s first Skill too, that Defense Up/Cut will come in handy.

That’s about all I have, those servants in the picture should see you through Camelot. And Bedivere will also serve well in the latter half of the next Singularity.

The Archer Gil is also someone you might wish to level, he deals bonus damage against Servants after all.


Nero Bride + Tamamo is a killer combo, so make sure to level both of them. CasGil is also a really good Arts support, but not completely necessary since you already have Tamamo. OG Gill, David, and Robin Hood are all really good Archers. I would probably level Gil and Robin Hood, because Gil is a monster AoE Archer and RH is a killer ST Archer. Also, if you have Euryale, I’d recommend leveling her, because she will absolutely demolish male sabers. Enkindu and Cu are both really good Lancers, so level them. Now, what everyone is saying, level Best Kohai. She is good.


Level david and gilgamesh. Although in bossfight i would rather rely on robin or euryale for dps. If you did choose to use robin, check gamepress to see whether the boss have immunity to debuf or not.
Level mash too since her taunt and invincibility can help you a lot.
And I hope you have decent dps rider in your party or friend list. For something in the middle.
You might need medea for some fight top.
And for final boss is a chinch for you with Nero and Tamamo


do leveling the OG Gil 1st since the over charge effect from his np is good to kill non star attribute servant like gawain.
And Nero bride since she got np upgrade with nice dmg to ST enemy for the final boss.
For support i think you need leveling the tamamo first and gil caster/mashu second. And for support servant from friend list try to look merlin as possible.


You can honestly start raising everyone in your screenshot. max level and get to around 4/6 for skills and you should be able to clear anything.