Needing advice

Hello! I am a new user here, I’ve been playing FGO for almost 5 months.

From the Okeanos/Septem banner and GSSR, I got Anne & Mary (NP4), Medea Lily, Nero, Orion and Tomoe Gozen. Is there any advice you could give me on who I should prioritize leveling up first and what team composition I could do with them before getting on Camelot? Thank you so much!!!

Here’s the list of my servants if anyone wants to see it:

Definitely Nero! She’s a fabulous all-rounder servant, being useful for farming, normal quests, and especially as an anchor servant. She can also solo the final boss of Camelot pretty easily, if necessary. She only gets better in the future, with a 30% NP battery getting added in a year or so, she she’s a fabulous investment.

Being a generalist, she probably won’t be top of the list for mature accounts, but she’s amazing for newer ones. Also, she doesn’t know that she can die, so she just doesn’t.

Too-moe is also a solid investment. She’s not super outstanding yet, but she is a very good buster-meme Archer, and will eventually receive an NP strengthening that makes her among the top burst damage servants of her class. Great for bullying Sabers.

Other than that, the standard “who should I raise to prepare for Camelot?” advice applies. There’s approximately 2-3 threads on the subject each month, so pick a couple of your favorites to read over and you will be ready to rock!

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First of all lock your servants so you don’t actually feed them or burn them.
Second is that it feels odd that you haven’t received more 1-3* from the daily FP summons but when you do get Arash and Spartacus I advise you to raise them along with Shakespeare.
They will make farming easier.

Orion has a rather low NP gain so they fit into arts teams such as teams with Mash, Hans, Waver, Tamamo etc.
Orion has two main use areas:

  • Killing male enemies
    The second skill has a massive up to 100% damage bonus for those poor men.
  • Stalling
    When the NP is upgraded it will reduce enemy attack, crit chance and remove NP gauge which all will mitigate incoming damage.

Tomoe Gozen is an Archer that likes critting so she could work well with Hans or support Merlin. She can inflict severe damage and is a useful ST Archer.

Nero is a durable arts servant that is exceptional as a last woman standing, provided she has her third skill.
If she is alone on the field that skill will buy her at least 3 turns to kill the enemy and if you add in the heals, potentiall attack/def buff and a Mystic Code she can last long.
In the future she will also get a NP battery so she will be better at farming.

Medea Lily is a healer and debuff remover so she is nice to have but she is rarely the first pick but you could field her in a arts team along with perhaps Mash and support Waver/Jeanne.
If you raise her first skill to 4 then she can use her NP instantly even if she doesn’t have a CE.

I haven’t used Anne & Mary much but they can deal extreme damage once their health is low.
As a Rider they also appreciate crit stars.


Anne and Marry are outclassed by Ushiwakamaru pretty hard.

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Ushiwakamaru is amazing and is about to get even better so I’m not disagreeing.
I probably should have mentioned that even if the question was about their usage.


Imo the MVPs you have there are ‘‘Orion’’ and Atalanta Alter. And should focus on those. But the best thing about this game is that if you have brain and know the mechanics then anything is useful. Now i ask you, you want to know in what a servant is useful or which one is the most useful?

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Thank you for all your replies guys, I really appreciate it.

I’ll check out those threads, thank you!

I have both Arash, Spartacus and other low rarity servants at my second archive. Will definitely raise them.

I’ve heard about it from several threads. I wouldn’t mind raising them both though!

In what the servant is useful. I’ve been wanting to ask about what team comps these servants would shine so I could use them properly. I hope I understand your question correctly, and I apologize if my question was kind of confusing…!


Well thats kinda complex and at the same time easy. It depends on the waves and class obviously but it can be very Easy with you having Evil Cat Alter (Atalanta Berserker) because with the arrival of Skadi, she is an absolute unit if you make a composition of Skadi (Support)+Mash or Maybe Hans+Atalanta alter and with that i think you can take on almost everything

But with the servants im seeing that you have (if those are all). For each class the most flexibles are:
Saber: Bedivere and Nero.
Archer: David but you are going to Camelot so Orion is better in that case.
Lancer: Cu
Rider: Ushiwakamaru
Assassin: Hundred Faces
Caster: Hans
Berserker: Atalanta

I know everyone mentioned it already, but Orion will serve you well. Really really well in Camelot.

Aside from the gold servants, raising David I highly recommend. There are fights within Camelot where he’ll really save you. His party evade and attack up would boost your comps offensively and defensively. Even in later harder content, his value is much appreciated.

Cu, Ushi, and Hundred Faces are also probably at the peak of their classes at their rarity. They’re good enough to compete with higher rarities in several cases. Might as well max Bedivere too.

Edit: Do the rank ups too. Cu and Ushi have theirs released in the recent campaign which significantly boosted their damage.


Yes, Nero can survive like a beast but Bedivere can pack a punch. So both imo are a most


Have you been rolling on story (looks like you have a couple of story locked Servants)? Some people swear by it but to most it’s an unpopular way of rolling.