NEETs, Swordsmasters and Phantom Thieves! (oh my!) It's The Summer 4 Part 1 Rerun Roll Thread! :fgo_poggers:

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Welcome to the roll thread for the greatest banner ever! Only here can you find an udon obsessed master swordsmen who is a master of the Niten-Ichiryū style of swordsmanship, a swimsuit clad battle royale playing master NEET and a mysterious calling card throwing phantom thief who is sure to steal your valuables as well as your heart!



This banner will be available for 19 days, from the 23rd of May to the 12th of June, so don’t lose hope if your saved :fgo_rainbowapple: isn’t enough to summon the lovely ladies of this banner, because we will get plenty of tickets and SQ during this banners duration, you still have a chance at them coming home.

Banner Schedule
Time Frame Rate-Up Servants
2022-05-23 01:00 - 05-23 20:59 PDT All
2022-05-23 21:00 - 05-24 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Osakabehime (Archer)
2022-05-24 21:00 - 05-25 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Carmilla (Rider)
2022-05-25 21:00 - 05-26 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Osakabehime (Archer)
2022-05-26 21:00 - 05-27 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Carmilla (Rider)
2022-05-27 21:00 - 05-30 20:59 PDT All
2022-05-30 21:00 - 06-01 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Osakabehime (Archer)
2022-06-01 21:00 - 06-03 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Carmilla (Rider)
2022-06-03 21:00 - 06-05 20:59 PDT All
2022-06-05 21:00 - 06-07 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Osakabehime (Archer)
2022-06-07 21:00 - 06-09 20:59 PDT Musashi (Berserker) and Carmilla (Rider)
2022-06-09 21:00 - 06-12 20:59 PDT All

But which one(s) are the servant(s) for you?

Carmilla (Rider)


Gamepress’ article on her
Carmilla (Rider) General Discussion (made by @wyan)
Look at that first ascension. Such style, such grace. She’s totally alluring and has one of the best designs in the game :fgo_holmescultured: totally not biased

Osakabehime (Archer)


Gamepress’ article on her
Osakabehime (Archer) General Discussion (made by @Wyan)
:fgo_poggers: Considering she basically is playing Fort/Stay Nite her being able to apply aimbot surehit to the whole party sure is fiiting. :fgo_poggers:

Miyamoto Musashi (Berserker)


Gamepress’ article on her
Musashi (Berserker) General Discussion (Made by @Wyan)
Slap her in between two Castorias and she’ll be one of the best general use loopers until we get struck with non 3/3/X farming nodes :fgo_musashismug:

Good Luck With Your Rolls!



I’ve got about 700 :fgo_rainbowapple: ready, gonna do a couple multis day one. While my main target is Carmilla, Osakabehime is at np4, and I think she deserves the np5 for showing up so much in relatively little quartz last year. Gonna do the rest of my rolls on the 25th. Going for np6 Carmilla and anything else is a bonus. I hope we are all super lucky and get all our targets.
only a little less than two hours to go now.


nice thread. Last time got neet archer to np2 so might go for np3


I already have everything I want from this banner but this is related to Musashi so I came to give my seal of approval. :fgo_musashi:


Good luck to whoever is rolling, I wish everybody here to not get ruined right before Castoria


I’m trying to save for a certain soon to come Alter Ego, so I’ll skip this banner (banner 2 too).

Good luck to all who will try their luck in these days


Awesome roll thread Luc, lovely artwork selection above all, and fine work on the brief but engaging description. I have to say there’s some serendipity for this QP loaded event to arrive now as we are about increase our QP cap to 2 Billion, I’m sure a number of us are sitting high so the gains will let shoot pass the 1Billion mark clean — which is great. :fgo_davinci:

As for the banner itself, I won’t be be rolling but I do know a number of you that will be for a # of favs. Wishing best of luck to those peeps and a little extra too for those trying balance spending here and a certain other Caster banner coming up, haha. Y’all got this anyhow. :fgo_mhxxsmile:


Nice thread, Lucy~

Lacks copious amounts of poggers tho~

That said, while I am with interest for CARmilla, sadly I cannot indulge more due to a certain spell casting little blondie soon to arrive in our doorsteps~

Regardless, I shall wish luck to all you lovers of the season and the skin exposure it justifies. May RNG have mercy on whatever savings most are able to salvage thereafter~


Awesome thread, it brings luck! Thanks for doing it @NpcLucario! Nice images too~

Now use that luck to bring me Carmilla on ticket tomorrow. :fgo_insane:

I turned on Giorno’s theme while being at work and started rolling:

It was a mix of singles and multis. No, not KitaSean, that crap doesn’t work for me. I was going to stop but getting a 5* Event CE in your first 2 tickets should be a good sign, right? :fgo_insane:

First multi:

Oh boy, here we go again. Well, I wanted to MLB the 4* event CE.

I threw a few singles since I was seeing a pattern I didn’t like and then this happened:

Booyaaaaa, let’s goooooo~ :fgo_musashismug:
(Also got another 5* event CE but who cares, right!)
Yes, I’m very merry surprised that I got a 5* from a single. Shit…how long has it been? MORE THAN 2 YEARS!
I accept you, Lasagna, I accept you. Just keep being like this in the future and we will be best comrades!!

Well, it seems like my SSR drought period is over. Just as I had hoped, just as I had planned!

So I got greedy: “Now a copy of Carmilla would be nice. I mean, it’s not like I’m saying that I want another Musashi, well if she comes who am I to complain, aint that right! :fgo_scheherazadesmirk:

enter the minrolls.

So after spending 4 more multis and some singles with no SRs (or SSRs) but 1x 5 *event CE and 1x 3 * event CE, I gave up. This was the best one out of all 4 multis:

Well, I cannot complain, not at all. I got NP1 Musashi. If I want to complain then it’s surprising hard to get a SR…no Carmilla.

The greed knows no end: Now we can throw the rest of the SQ on the Bunny Ruler hoping for one copy, and we are ready for Anni SQ for Castoria. :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane: :fgo_insane:

Good luck to everyone rolling on this banner!
I hope you get what you wish for!


Nice thread Luc, great artwork for summer. I may have hit the summer banners a little hard last year. So just wishing everyone roller best of luck. If it helps CARmilla and Osakabehime are a lot of fun. Good luck, have fun and enjoy the sun.


Im tempted to roll because of the FA of Carmilla, damn decisions decisions, should I go for the ass love or QOL upgrade with Castoria.


I’m losing my damn mind right now. I have pretty good SQ saving tendencies, but I tend to be very drunk a lot. Musashi banners are like crack to me. Blew my tiny SQ stash trying to get NP2 summer Musashi and failed.

Grab another beer and throw some tickets at it and of course. Of course this happens.

Now I just need to figure out how I’m gonna get the SQ to get Castoria to support her lol. Pure evil banner timing, lasengle. Pure. Evil.


So… I have NP2 USAshi but wanted NP3.

It started bad, really bad I spent 700 SQ and got a dioscuri spook and a. NIGHTINGALE God I was sad with that spook.

I decided to trouble down and this happened.

Holly shit.

Well I gotta bit drained pre-casroria but wallet kun can handle this. So I am actually really happy!


Dropped 20tix in hopes of getting mUSAshi, No luck, I did get 4 copies of the 4* CE and copy of Swimsuit Neet so i’m pretty happy, it’s a lot better than last years attempt


Yooooooo what a roll, congrats


I think that in all these years playing Fgo, this is the first time I’ve seen a 10x roll with 3 SSR.

Are you aware that this luck you got today could have made you rich, had you spent it in real life lottery instead of a gatcha game?

Jokes aside, congratulation. Insane luck, I’m happy for you because summer Musashi is entertaining and strong. A good pick


Alright Gentlemasters, I rolled quite a lot of quartz. Some would say I was fortunate and some would say I was very unfortunate. But let the results demonstrate; but before that I went from 1900 Quartz to 1070 Quartzo. Keep that in mind.

I won’t post all rolls (since they were quite a lot), but will only post the noteworthy ones.

^ I should have stopped there. Hindsight is hindsight and all that jazz, but I reeeaally wanted NP2 Musashi. And what did it cost me? 700 Quartz and an arm and a leg. Could have over 1700 remaining and still have Musashi. Ugh, no matter. Whats done is done.

The results:

NP7 Carmilla [Rider]
NP3 Osakabehime [Archer]
NP2 Musashi [Berserker]
NP1 Odysseus (Spook)


Got my Neethime to NP2 and acquired NP2 Carmilla. Back to back multi’s yielded 2 Musashi, which I did not expect. Managed to MLB Welcome bunny too and combined with the CEs I had from last year’s run I am going to drown in event currency.
That is also an MLB Another Ending for me too.


So spent 420 sq and 23 tickets trying for CARmilla

And there was also a spooky Jack, could have had an NP3 Berserker Musashi, but oh well. Carmilla was a no show though, which is sad. Got a lot of random 5* CE’s as well.

Edit: Spent a last 30 sq for CARmilla and got this

Im already content with this, I guess goodbye my dear ass love, Carmilla.

Total SQ spent
450 sq and 23 tickets.

NP3 Musashizerk
NP4 NEETArcher
NP1 Stabby stabby daughter

And a shite ton of event CE’s.


Alright the time has come again for Summer Musashi!

Started with

And here’s the end result

It took me 510 sqz and 34 tickets to get her…

And here’s the spoils from the rolls.

Although this took a hit at my pool…

But it’s all worth it!

Good luck! I hope everyone gets the servant they want with minimal effort!