Nero Claudius (Caster) General Discussion

There we go, we had some last minute stuff to sort with the writeup, but here it is:

Just a great all-around quality of life Servant. In my eyes, she is incredibly similar to Drake, Nitocris, etc. These Servants just make your farming life that much more chill. Good.

Still, should the length of her NP be a weakness :thinking: ? Heh.

Oh, I’ve also added in the numbers on the profile regarding to Tier Placements, but I’d rather do a full explanation post to cover all the Summer Servants at once and then insert them all on the big list.


Tier 2, pretty much what I expected to be honest. Not an absolute must-have but has just the right stuff to make the daily and event grind easier.

This young lady seems to have an answer for you


I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about Summer Nero so I have to admit I expected tier 1.

I thought it’s gonna tier 3.

While I did expect Nero to get Tier 1, analyzing her a bit more really shows that while she’s amazing at her role, she still needs a bit of help to excell. Perhaps a Buster up skill, or any sort of survivability (besides a targetable 1HP Guts) would have taken her to Tier 1? Eh, no idea.
Tier 2 does seem more fitting for her. What she does, she does it well. She’s a great offensive Caster, overall, and we all know there aren’t that many out there.

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Tier 2 is perfect. She’s not a lynchpin (Tamamo), undeniably the best at what she does (Jalter, Raikou), versatile and excellent at everything (Gil, Ozy).

Tier 2 is perfect for her.

Excited to roll my own ~ Wth her and Kiara, farming Assassin nodes is about to get a lot easier.

In the end I’m not too worried about tiers. But I think 2 is fine.

Summer Nero is a servant with some great skills. She can pack a punch, has some team utility with that third skill, and fits well for farming. Sure, I think her second skill offers the flexibility to fit into a lot of teams since class disadvantage is less a concern.

A good write-up. And glad I can enjoy reading them without being salty about gacha results.

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Are you considering to add the time duration of each servant’s NP in your write up? :joy:

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reminder neither is quetz, or musashi and they’re still tier 1 :P
i sense a conspiracy

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Can’t wait for the inevitable tier drop when Double Tama becomes popular :fgo_rinlaugh:
For now she’s definitely an undisputed Queen of Farming Casters* tbh. A 50% charge and a 80% ATK up is killer. I think even with Double Tamamo she’s probably only gonna drop to T3? A 50% charge is still quite useful anytime, even if the Welfare Caster does more damage and NP loops better than her :fgo_rinlaugh:

*. Nitocris is still better in my heart. You go my dear Hands farmer

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Who/What is Double Tama?

Double Tamamo. Its basically kinda like Double Skadi, except that the NP must be an Arts Card and you MUST hit 100% refund. Sometimes it’s more desired than double Skadi since it helps to cover Assassin Farming Nodes.(The best gear and stake nodes have a lot of Assassins)

Oh so you’re saying that some casters can double Tamamo and farm better than Nero Caster on some nodes that become more prevalent later, because Nero’s Buster NP doesn’t benefit?

I gotcha! (Still wish I’d gotten Nero… Extended maintenance for part 2 maybe? RIP)

Yep! She becomes so much better later on.
Condolences to your Nero Quartz… roll the tickets maybe? They’re getting restocked in a few days.

I don’t really agree with those placements, so I left them off :grimacing:

@ElliotS Tamamo gets a Curse upgrade in Jan 2021 which gives all allies a 30% NP strength boost. That, combined with the 100% Arts up from Fox’s Wedding means Arts AOE NPs will both hurt AND refund a lot (because you’ll trigger overkill more reliably).

Double Skadi is probably still better, but the upgrade makes a lot of AOE Arts servants—with lackluster NP damage (Assassin Nito, Kiara, Mordred, Hokusai)—really, really useable for farming.

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Already did, but new tickets might help? I’ve gotten the rate up I wanted on the last day of the event 2 times before (Merlin and GudaGuda Postergirl) so maybe I’ll pull off a similar feat? I’ve got some new interludes and rank-ups as well as Argartha free quests to cash in on. Just wish the event wasn’t so stingy.

I can’t wait for the day when double Tama hits NA. However, is it possible to hit full refund for Arts NP with double Tama? Or is a post strengthening Para still needed?

Totally possible. By you typically need Bride to make it work.


It depends on the native NP gain of the DPS, and his hitcounts on the NP. If they have NP gain/Arts skills/passives of their own to stack with Fox Weeding, even better.

Also, NP level, to trigger overkill on more mobs by extra hitcounts…

So wouldn’t craft essences that focus on arts performance be good like formal craft or would buster like limited zero over be more preferred?