Nero Fest Support Needs/Wants Thread

Simply put, let’s list servants that you guys as players feel we’ll need or want to use from other players Support lists here so that they can try to set up Supports that will be more tempting.

Examples: Waver will probably be wanted for farming reasons, Merlin for Challenge (and possibly farming) reasons, and Sherlock for his NP’s ability to punch through defense abilities. But who else do you guys think will be wanted?

Let’s get this list going so that people can start trying to set up their support lists for this if they haven’t already!

Anyone on here would be a good start as well:
(3 Turn Set-ups)

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That is an awesome spreadsheet and is very helpful, especially for farming. Thank you!

But considering some of the Exhibition Quests and how they might work better with specific servants, including some that aren’t on that spreadsheet, I wanted to try and get something like this going so people could also find the Supports they needed for those if need be, and if possible for people to add them to their Support Lists.

Still, thank you!

SoA’s guide linked above covers mainly comps that focus on NPing each wave for less RNG speed clear. For players operating on lower budget they may not be able to put together those comps, but Hong’s guide on reddit has some F2P wave 1 face card comps with 5 slot bonus that can still clear in 4 to 5 turns generally, in the link below.

For farming support it is pretty much Waver/Merlin with MLB Cheer for Master, not much to be said here.

For CQs some servants can solo cheese it pretty easily (or support carry since KH CQ cannot be soloed), so put damage CE on those servants if you want to help your friends.

What servants? Mainly Cu Alter and Amakusa who has pretty wide solo coverage. Then there’s Okita (mainly for Suzuka CQ), Saber Shiki (old Scathach and Cu CQ), Irisviel (old Hassan CQ).

Mash can solo cheese the Arash CQ, but don’t put damage CE on her. Mash should instead be equipped with Holy Shroud of Magdalene.

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