NeroFest Degen Farming

Anyone else planning to farm NeroFest hard on Day 1? (@rbalaggan0 hi, talking to you)

Here’s the link to the event info from JP’s run in 2017:

If you’re not familiar, NeroFest is split into 3 parts. When one part is over, its quests are gone forever.

Qualifiers: Sept 6 - Sept 9
Main Match: Sept 10 - Sept 14
Finals: Sept 15 - Sept 20

Each of these has a best node for farming the lotto currency.


Honestly, this looks like a pain to 3-turn, since Sherlock is a Ruler and he’s a Star-attribute to boot…which means Enuma Elish doesn’t get bonus damage. Kiara would be useful if he was accompanied by NOT ARCHERS :angry:

I got blessed with Lartoria from the GSSR and she’ll be useful here. Arash @ Imaginary Element to clear the first wave, Lartoria @ HNS on the second…Fran + Lartoria refund on the third? Mama Raikou? (Gorgon!?) Is it worth running double Waver + plugsuit?

Archer gems are always nice, but I don’t need jewels or scarabs right now, so I was thinking of farming the next-best node:

This one drops Gallstones, feathers, and currency. More importantly, it’s Arash/Arthur/Gil food, so 3-turning it shouldn’t be bad even if that means sacrificing some drop bonuses. But I don’t know how much worse the petal drops are compared to the better node?

(I have an np2 Helena…do you think she can wipe out the first wave with help from Gil’s Charisma, even though they’re Riders? Edit: No, she can’t :sob: )

The other nice thing about farming this node is that I should be pretty maxed out on Gold/Silver currency by the end. So I’ll only need to farm bronze (and I don’t care for the seeds in the Bronze shop, so that’s nice too).

Main Event:

This node doesn’t look awful either (why are there so always many Rider enemies in lottery events?) but that Hydra could be a problem. (But the wine! :drooling_face:)

I’m thinking Arash/[Santa Lily or Lartoria or Enkidu]/Gil for this node. Also…this drops archer gems again? Makes me think I should farm the Gallstone node in the first section.

(Jk, I have Shinjuku Archer and my future Archuria, Ishtar, and Tesla to raise. Gimme all the archer gems.)


The best node bar none. Roll for your Surfer Mordred and borrow a Bride for NP-refunding shenanigans. (Alternatively, raise your Astolfo, people.) Also, it drops pages AND we get pages in the lotto. Maybe we’ll never need any more after this? :thinking:

Mostly, I want to know what you’re thinking for the first 2 sections. Team comps I’ve overlooked? We have 1/2 AP right now; who should I drop all this QP on?

(That was a joke. I have like 0 QP.)

Haven’t decided on my teams yet but summers goal is to get a Surfer Mordred so the finals should be easy.
Only thing I’m certain about is that Arash and Santa Lily will probably be used for the Qualifiers.

I’ll be going as hard as I can starting on day 1 (without sacrificing sleep). As for my team comps…

Qualifers (Champion):
Arash @ Img Ele, Jalter Lily @ Kscope, Kiyo @ Golden Sumo, Support Waver, plugsuit Kintoki Rider @ Golden Sumo.

Qualifers (Hero):
Arash @ Img Ele, Shuten Douji @ Kscope w/ Support Waver charge, Melt w/ Summo, plugsuit shuten for jack w/ damage CE.

Prob won’t do Qualifers Hero, cause it’s not as effective for me. I’ll leave your question concerning Helena for wave 1 for someone more qualified, apologies ;;

Main Event:
Arash @ Img Ele, Chacha/Jalter Lily @ Kscope w/ Waver charge, Kiyohime @ Golden Sumo, plugsuit Melt @ Golden Sumo

Arash @ Img Ele, Salter Santa/Medusa @ Kscope w/ Waver support charge, Kiyo @ Golden Sumo, plugsuit w/ Bunyan buffs @ Ox Demon King

Most of these are not 3-turners, but I can’t think of any better comps for myself tbh.

I just did some calculations. Helena, even with a 21% attack boost and her own 20% arts boost and holding a Lv. 20 kscope, will only do ~11.5k average on her NP against riders. :fgo_dshy: So she’s a no-go.

(She can’t even clear the first wave of archers in the Champion node without her NP strength up activating. Boo.)

Helena is just so nice for farming because she can charge, kill a wave, buff card damage, and is a lower cost than Waver/Merlin.

Arash w MLB IE, Waver(support) ,Lalter w MLB IE ,Lancelot w 2G3L, Waver + Plugsuit

My gameplan will probably be the same.
T1 Arash NP, T2 Lalter NP , T3 Lancelot NP. The difference is when I use Lalter’s Crit skill, either to kill the hydra, or to kill helena. 3 turn might be possible, but relies on Lalter’s Buster coming out.

Arash w MLB IE, Shuten Douji MLB IE, Lancelot w 2G3L, Waver(Support), Waver

…I’m not a creative man huh.


… you know the team

Buff Mordred with Tamamo, Charge her up with Wavers. Since she’s not able to reach 100% refund even with all that, her charging should go
50% from Waver 1, 30% from Waver 2, Mordred Self Charges. Leave the extra 20% for Wave 2 and 3.

@jakeyb ah, feels bad when the damage doesn’t work out D: Hope you can find a good substitute for Helena though >.>

I mean, I can use just Arash to clear the first wave. But that means i have to field Waver, which means I have to think about team cost a bit more (and also that Gil will do slightly less damage on the third wave since he’s missing that buster buff…gotta check to see if he still hits the benchmark or not.)

(Edit: Gil, equipped with the event CE + with Waver’s charisma, totally wrecks that benchmark. We good.)

@captalism There’s no Helena/Ozy node. It’s Archer Helena/Ruler Holmes. That’s why it’s an awful node; you basically need Gorgon/Dantès with the event CE and the appropriate card buff, a stupidly powerful AoE Zerker like np2+ Raikou, or you just don’t 3-turn it.

Yeah I know lol. I joined them together cause I’m basically using the same team against them, so I didn’t feel like writing the same thing twice. Still, I agree with how stupid Helena’s node is. I find it sadistic for DW to put freaking RULERS in the first round. Merciless, DW is.
Also, my condolences to your Helena, may she get a NP strengthening soon.

@jakeyb true, true. Well I’m sure it’ll work out one way or another!

For the rider node, if I do get Summer Nitocris, I’m thinking of pairing her up with Tamamo and Bride and seeing some NP-looping action. I’m not sure how to clear that last wave with Shuten so I guess it’ll take a little more than 3 turns.
Dat finals node tho. I already have my 3-4 turn farming team set up and it doesn’t rely on any starting NP gauge CEs :relieved: Astolfo and Drake FTW

I have a question: If you’re a secret gem/proof-craving person like me and really want to go ham on the lotto, is it a bad idea to only start using apples for the finals node? I don’t need any of the other nodes’ drops but I need pretty much everything from the finals node, but I also don’t want time to be the reason why I didn’t open as much boxes.

That’s np2 Helena with her NP strengthening :sob:

Even at np5 I don’t think she’d be useful. :sleepy: Caser modifier is brutal, guys. B r u t a l

Isn’t it a bit early to be talking about NeroFest already?

I forgot about her! I’m not sure I’ll roll for her…Saber Fran is my # 1 target on that banner, but I guess if I np2 Saber Fran and still no Caster Umu then I’ll roll on Nito’s rate-up. But I thought she needed Tamamo’s curse upgrade to NP loop reliably? And you wouldn’t be able to run the event damage boosting CE on her unless you double Waver + plugsuit.

I dunno. I don’t like spending time scrolling through my support list looking for the right servant with the right CE. I’d rather just clear it with my own servants and stick the support in the backline.

Re:Your question, it’s not a bad idea, but it depends on how many apples you have + your clear speed. Real time is the limiting factor, which is why I want to start on Day 1. (Also, I have travel plans in September, so I might not have a lot of time to go ham on the final node.)

@Psi But think of all the QP :drooling_face:

I don’t think so. I want to get the most out of it. We have 1/2 AP right now too, so if there’s anyone you think you should raise for it, now’s the time to do it.

Not when you have to prepare servants, I’m using this page to check compositions and using this week to focus on skills needed.


Oh, that’s just disgusting. Helena was done dirty

@Psi Lottery events make people go weird man(including me xd)


You mean I can f2p my way through the Preliminary Champion node with SPARTACUS?! :scream_cat:

Time to farm bones and finish him off.


I too love Saber Fran but I hate rider nodes even more so I gotta make the sacrifice :frowning_face:

I used the NP refund calculator and this site to calculate the NP damage and it should be doable with Bride and Tamamo without the curse upgrade or even double Tamamo if Summer Nito is at least NP2. Unfortunately, it means Summer Nitocris must have MLB Kaleidoscope or have a 50% NP starting CE with Waver. And I have neither :fgo_deadinside: So it’ll definitely take more than 3 turns for me.

I could totally try to np2 her and stick like MLB HNS on her. Mine is almost maxed, too.

Hmm. I need 2 lores for my Bride, but Tamamo is ready. And my Waver is maxed.

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It hurts to see someone else is living your dream :fgo_jeannu:

I’m not sure what to do with the last wave though. Nitocris isn’t powerful enough to take down Shuten nor even Kintoki. You might need to have another servant ready to fire off their NP or just face card it through :catroll: Riders foil my 3T plans yet again :fgo_badciv:

lol, what’s your dream?

I could try this for the Main event. I’d need to borrow a Merlin…but when do I not need to borrow a Merlin :upside_down_face: