Nerofest progression

Hello, fellow masters, how is your farming going? How many boxes have you cleared? How many do you plan to clear? I am thinking on doing atleast 50 boxes, but the fatigue has kicked in so I am taking a break. Did you do the challenge quests yet? I am the only one who spent 400k fiend points for an event CE only for the Zunga CE to show up?

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Currently at 25 boxes, also bought all 4 CEs, 16 Eternal Gears and 19 ATK Fous from the shop.
Also had 5 CE drops so far, which is probably above average for that amount of boxes (though I got 1 early while farming Gold medals).

Had to spend a good amount of time on opening the first 13 boxes and farming bronze medals to skill up and max ATK Fou my NP3 Fran, to make my 3-turn setup more reliable at really 3-turning the petal node.

And occasionally things like this still happen:


Just 8 Boxes so far.
I’m waiting for the better nodes to drop before i go all out on farming. No CE drops for now

18 boxes so far. resting for this day might try tomorrow

Didn’t start with the boxes yet. I want to get the medals done first. Golden almost finished + enough for the 4* Fou.
And Silver + Bronze will be finished pretty fast, considering I have 2 to 3 MLB Copies each.
Still, Box-count so far: Three


I’ve done 21 boxes so far, along with the petal CEs and Fous from the shop. I’m starting to feel the fatigue already so I’m tempering my expectations and slowing down a bit.

At box 59 with 5 event CE drops and i can already feel my soul leaking. Got exams in 2 weeks on top of this.

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dem, you are pretty fast. But that is to be expected since you can fill in 5 ces.

Nah, going with 1 support with an MLB CE, and 2 of my own copies with one being limit broken. Still waiting on that last CE drop. My team comps can only fit in 3 CEs if I want to 3-turn so I’m only at a +5 bonus.

I’ve cleared 3 so far, but mostly because of adulting taking priority. Now that the extended weekend is here, I’ll have time to reach my first target of 15 boxes to finish off Mordred’s skills. Just knowing I should reach that within the last 3 days of the first round is solace enough knowing I’ll be ready for round 3. I’ve been lucky with 2 CE drops, too, so it saves on early round medal grinding.

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At box 34 now. Thanks to some lucky CE drops, I could MLB a drop CE and thus make my setup macroable up until the third turn without dropping petal bonus, which means I can farm even better now.


I am on fifteenth now, but I want to clear three more in order to rise skills. I got CE drops, but I don’t want to limit break it right now, party will be less efficient, so I hope there will be one more drop.

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53 boxes in. Got my 3rd CfM drop on the 43rd (42nd?) box so now I’m running a +6 bonus instead of a +5 bonus and EVERYTHING IS SO MUCH FASTER YOU GUYS.

I need one more CE drop so I can run a +7 going into the Main event. And then I’m just gonna pray I can run a +10 going into the finals. (Which would require…13 more CE drops. Kill me now.)

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How many apples have you used so far?

Around 30, I think? Due to the lottery boxes giving out additional ones I didn’t really keep track of the exact number.
Still have 109 gold and 89 silver apples left currently.

Ummm…a lot. I had around 50 effective after factoring in the first 10 lotto boxes and I’ve burned around 20 quartz already.

I’m at ~23ish boxes now with a few thousand petals waiting. Only one CE drop :feh_nino: at box 20 so I’m up to +5 bonus.
Still over 150 golden apples so I’m hoping to hit 100 boxes eventually

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19 Box, i have no 3turn setup with my roster but i lucky with CE Drop, FIVE drops in 3days!!!
i hope can run last day with full MLB team.


Oh man. I’m 60 boxes in but I can’t even imagine how many I’d have opened if I had that kind of luck.

I guess this is my penance for having pretty amazing gacha luck? :sob:


Considering i’m farming simultaneously on my main and alt account i’ll just say i’m at 30 boxes (around 15 each), having 2 accounts can be such a pain sometimes.

Though the CE drops are easing up the suffering a bit, i dropped enough copy to have my own mlb + 2 extra so i am at +6 drops now on both.