Network lag or phone lag?

Is this network lag or a hardware issue?

My wife has been having a lot of technical trouble lately. Hasn’t had much lag until about a week ago. Started with lag at the beginning with the count-down ending before all the Pokémon have appeared (not too uncommon). That made it difficult because she didn’t know what she was up against until several turns in. More recently, it has been seeming like her fast moves haven’t been dealing nearly enough damage. Tapping fast enough, using SE moves, but the health bar isn’t going down like it should (i.e. when I face the same matchup on my account). It looks like the move is executing right, but I don’t think its registering on the opponent every time. Also, the initial lag is even longer, usually until the opponent has already charged an attack.

We tried clearing the cache, reinstalling that game, restarting the phone, and using WiFi. None of those things fixed the problems. Thoughts?

This is Niantic’s fault on their network because you are clearly not the only one reporting this issue.

One issue that I’ve found is that if I’m accidentally touching my iPhone screen with one of the fingers of the hand that’s holding the phone, it can completely screw up the tapping and selection stuff. I doubt this is everyone’s problem, given the volume of complaints here, but it could be one issue that contributes to this overall problem.

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