Neutral IVs



Hi! This day i pull SVeronica and is neutral iv

And I want know, what do you think about the neutral ivs units?


I prefer neutral IVs as someone who’s paranoid about making a unit have too many blaring weaknesses. Plus neutral IVs usually don’t take away from the unit at all so it works fine for me.

Though on some of my favorite units, I will admit that a +Atk or +Spd boon might help them in certain scenarios. It’s just very situational.


For a 5* exclusive, a neutral IV is better than a bad IV. For anyone on the 3-4* pool, that you may consider merging (even if it is just to +1), a neutral IV can be used to decide which Boon/Asset suits your playstyle better.

I ran a neutral Felicia all the way to 5*+7 before choosing +Atk over +Spd (from neutral). The best choice is the one you make after sufficient experience on the battlefield.