Never thought I'd be here

Isn’t she beautiful?

I dont quite remember when I got her, she’s been around a while (and chilling at +1 for a bit less than that). But that was it. Shes a brave, you never really expect to get them maxed haha. But The banner showed up and I thought I’d give it a go since I’ve been loving her so much lately. I genuinely didn’t think I’d manage it, but I guess I had some good karma in my pocket.

And I’d hazard maybe 300 orbs? Maybe a bit more? I’m bad at hoarding so they mostly got spent as they came in, and mostly sniping reds. (some of those golden week packs were so perfect). Got a handful of minor small pity breaks, but nothing really worth writing about.

I just wanted to celebrate the completion. And getting my 4th maxed red infantry xD


congrats :) that’s really amazing and Celica is totally worth it.