Dez are mine right now. Except 0 lift loss cause I usally manage to kill 3-4. Unless someone gets lucky with tactics room.

■■■■ tactics room. The rematch is going to hurt for that.

Cause Im salty.

I’m 7-4 this week,but 3 of those losses were after sucessful def wins in which I managed to kill 2-3 of there units,so I’ve only lost 36 lift this season,def set ups aren’t my forte,so I try to mitigate lift loss as much as possible by going for at least 2 kills rather then an actual win.

I just lost a match because someone took the 50 50 on one of my traps :feh_hecmad:

Like you though, I lost 40 but ouch, 3 losses (especially where you lose lift) is rough


People actually went pretty desperate against my team. One of time just throw their units in the fire pits of death, only to clear it using a PvE dancing strategy.

It was horrible. :catcry:


I have like fort lvl2 defense but I’m pretty proud I can usually take out a unit or two, only one person got a flawless win this season. But that fort lvl 4 higher hurts a lot

A good team and maybe a little bit of idiocy in their plays could overcome the deficit in stats.

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Yep it’s what I’m counting on. Just minimize the loss rather than aim for wins, and it works

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My own bad luck was more in Offense than Defense this week… Couldn’t even get past T22. :feh_elisad:

Can’t wait till Líf so I can finally (and hopefully) have an Astra Mythic.

My offense was pretty terrible too

Next week I get to use Saizo and Leif though :feh_eiriana_grande: :feh_azura:

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Just use Def mythics kappa.

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