New +10 Project Help


I would appreciate some help with regards to who shall I merge next for arena purposes and other PVE content XD

So currently, I am planning on my next colorless merge since I already have 3 reds, and 2 blue and greens.

I am torn between Valentine Silque and Summer Rhys. Why? Here’s the reason:

Valentine Silque

I view her as a bulky unit. She does destroy my runs on AR sometimes, and I don’t have a +10 cavalry unit. I plan her on having the following skills:
Weapon - Dazzling Melancholy, Serpentine Staff, Staff of Tribute
Skill - Rescue/Return (new combat manuals yey)
A - Fort Def/Res 3 or Close Reversal (will get her C Duel if I have spare)
B - A/R Trace (if I have the fodder), else will have Chill skills temporary or Wrathful
C - Joint Drive Def (from Gatekeeper)
S - Shield Session or Def/Res Bond

I plan her to be a canto debuffer of Guard or Fatal Smoke, especially against F!Edelguard, among others. With the counter and melancholy, F!Edel cannot trigger her special. Problem is that I don’t have the necessary manuals for my perceived optimal build.

Summer Rhys

I just love the twink. That’s it.

Weapon - Melancholy, Serpentine Staff, Palm Staff, Pain, Staff of Tribute
Skill - Rescue/Return (new combat manuals yey)
A - Close Reversal, Atk/Spd Push, C Duel Infantry
B - Wrathful or Dazzling, Lull Spd/Res or Atk/Spd
C - Joint Drive Def (from Gatekeeper), Threaten Atk/Spd (no Menace fodder)
S - Atk/Spd or Atk/Def Form, Shield Session

Rhys can go full spd or bulk on my available manuals. The problem with Rhys is that he is an infantry unit, thus will compete with df from my other planned merges and units (already have 4 +10 units). Second is that Silque has valuable canto that can support my units through debuff or her movement skill (hooray high scoring movement skill Return/Rescue)

What do you think? Thank you for your thoughts!

  • Bulky V!Silque
  • Counter V!Silque
  • Full Spd Rhys
  • Close Counter Rhys

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P.S. I’m gonna wait for the HoF of Valentia and PoR/RD for building them. Manuals are rare.


If it’s for arena scoring I can’t recommend any of them as they lack high scoring specials.

As always I can’t recommend enough Y!Innes for arena as a colorless unit.


I have Y!Innes already as my first colorless. The brat’s a banger


He is! Best f2p unit of 2021 imo!

For pve and other content I would go with support-Horse Silque if she’s a real favourite. If you just looking for a more versatile staff unit then flying Nanna is one of the best choices.


I am considering Flying Nanna but I think she is better to go full offense, in which I am hesitating since my current +10 lacks a defensive pivot (Armor Killer Spd Bartre, DC Caeda, Arena Aversa, Spd Ena, Far Save W!Jaffar, Y!Innes, Generalist F!Delthea)

Aversa and Jaffar is for my AR, Spd Ena is still unoptimized, having a problem on whether I’ll give her Distant Pressure to reduce special cooldown and have a stronger breath. My F!Delthea needs a makeover.


Between these two, I would suggest Valentine’s Silque with a build that focuses on her strengths or provides support… even both on separate builds if you’re willing to, or a mix.
Personally I run a mix of both things, but more support than anything:

(And a build I thought I'd eventually aim for)

I’m short of C-skills so that’s about the best I had lying around.

But as @Kero said, you shouldn’t use healers for scoring at [Arena], since in general they don’t have access to all the highest cost skills they’d like (namely {Rally +} and specials like [Aether]), the only reason I’d recommend a {Duel} on a healer is for the well-rounded stat boosts from the Lv.4 versions, otherwise it’s kind of a waste, unless you really don’t mind that and find value to the stat boosts. But outside of game modes that count skill cost for scoring, she’s a good unit to consider and quite versatile.
The bulky build you came up with is pretty good and useable, you might prefer a {Chill} for placeholder until you run into the {Trace} you want, and the counter build is also quite useable, personally I’m fan of using a unit’s stats as much as possible and improving on their strengths, so I tried to not to overlook her bulk, but you might want to go with a counter build and [Melancholy+] if you can spare it or either of the other two weapons you thought of for budget, and go with a survival build with either of these.

Summer Rhys might not contribute as much as you may like and there’s not much making him stand out other than a good inheritable weapon, so unless you’re attached to him, I would advise to ignore him, there’s a lot of infantry healers to pick from the low-rarity regular pool.


Deyum, this is a very bulky Silque.

I learned something new with regards to scoring so if possible, all cav colorless except staff would appreciate the duel skill :+1:

I’ll wait for the SoV to see if V!Silque is available for forma. Fodders are quite expensive and A/R Far Trace is already reserved for L!Lilina or Reinhardt (hopefully)

Have an extra OG Silque and Gatekeeper that is why I have thought of the build. Am really curious regarding canto dazzling staff users, I think they’re good as hit and run support debuffs. Their movement skill Return/Rescue nets higher score in arena compared to reposition also, which is very valuable in hit and run tactics, as having an omnitank is often not enough.



That’s a good plan, she might show up around mid-to-late May which is when the FE15 line-up should be announced, there’s a good chance she’ll be there, but either way, you got quite some time to plan ahead the build, and even work on the merges (remembering that merges can be transferred), but ideally you’d like to fish for rare and expensive skills in [Hall of Forms], so you might want to go with something like on my planned build or anything that’s harder to get in the builds you thought of using. :feh_eirikathink:

These aren’t bad for inflicting debuffs and providing support! Valentine’s Silque does have mobility and since her attack isn’t as big as other healers, it’s quite safe to dump offenses, or you can go with [Wrathful Staff] refine to make use of her bulk and see if the slightly bigger damage output does help (albeit it’s kinda situational).