New 90++ difficulty makes its move to farming

These debuted with Super Memorial Quests which were as Kanou said content aimed at the top 10% of accounts.

There is now a 90++ marked farming node in Summer 7, 1/1/1 with a 1M HP Enkidu at the end. Something to make you use a ST or just crit with your AoE.

Existing difficulties and rate of shop clears have not changed, and events now run longer to give people a chance to clear/the devs less crunch so this hasn’t forced newbies to run super high HP nodes.



Since we were talking about it in another thread…

Adding to this, there’s also trait advantage to keep in mind. Enkidu and the big genesis egg dropper are Sky trait, so the super common Man trait servants and notably Saber Nero’s anti-Sky buff can help.
You’re almost certainly gonna have to borrow an Oberon if you don’t have one though.


Moved this here too


F2J… the summer 7 shop isn’t hard to clear. They’re not demanding you farm 3 weeks straight.

Yeah, I guess so. If you get unlucky and are stuck with the non-MLB event CE, you probably won’t be able to neutral class farm. Still, Sabers and Berserkers work. If you’re on NA, you’ve got two years to get Bedi to NP5 somehow.

I’m not worried about the shop, they can make it as big as they want, I’m just talking about the bare minimum to clear. Getting your grail and 5 valks

I havent looked at the event itself, but from the other discussion it seems like they’re upping the requirements to clear and making it longer. But if thats not the case, I dont mind it

And get oberon and Koyan for damage amp, yeah, very doable, somehow. And all that for 1 comp.

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Wait, don’t we have 4 copies in shop and one on the point ladder?

There’s also Hokusaber with 30% event pmod, same deal goes for the various other ST welfares.

People usually complain ST have no value, but if you want to be NA brain about this NP2 Kintoki or NP levels on Kriemheld, Vlad, Jalter and so on will chonga. Upcomers wise Kintoki is probs the cheapest pick, but if you have a Vlad spook you can always go for NP2.


What about a 1/1/2 node with 600k hp enemies in the future? What about 1/2/2 nodes? well, the nodes are ever only going to be available to the heavy spenders or lucky people, I’m fine with the node structure, just just please don’t make it the best node to farm every event, and I’ll get off this. So all that remains is to see how the upcoming events will handle them

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Honestly, I can can say that the new node type is both what I wanted, and also NOT what I wanted. I was really hoping for a pure raid type node, (1 wave; 1 enemy; chonky health bar; no break bars; drops a crap ton of mats.) The extra 2 waves with 1 enemy each just seems like a poor idea to me. Though since this is the first, we can’t really say if this node is to be the standard in the future.


Oh also, considering the Challenge Quest opens up in less than a day from now, I’d say this is late enough in the event to open up these kinds of nodes.

I wouldn’t even say it’s that important to clear. Aside from headbands, the currencies don’t trade for much great. You’ll be grabbing Fous and Lores and then… maybe Gunpowder if you’re still reeling from the Koyan releases? The most desirable things for my JP account are the LB6 materials, but we’re already getting a surplus of those in NA.

You can still borrow what you lack from the support list. Koyan’s really important if you plan to use a Buster servant, but then so is Castoria for Arts and Skadi for Quick. You were gonna need some of these pieces for standard level 90 farming.

The damage CE is in the ladder, the drops CE is in the shop.

Mhm. If you don’t need the damage CE, you can Kscope and go wild.

If you mean with the waves scaling up to 600k, that sounds trivial. Servants like Arash, Habetrot and Gong are obvious free servants to clear the first two waves with, then buff up a DPS for wave 3.


This is not a lotto, there is little to be gained from 3 turning an event node that costs 40 AP. Even if it takes 5 more minutes with a 8-10 turns clear, that is basically 15 more minutes of game time a day.


I’m specifically afraid of a lotto 90++ node which is better than the 90+ node, well, it’s all in the future, and I’m pessimistic about lsg’s design choices so yeah, I just got a bit out of sorts.

And if mid wave is a lancer with 250k? And that limits us to how many drop ces again? It’s not just about being a farmable node, y’know. Anyways, it’s a fact that it’s always gonna be the playground of the heavy spenders, if you want to chase efficiency on these nodes. That’s not really my problem tho, just for god’s sake don’t make them the best nodes even in lottos… which is a cry to the void I know


I guess I’m in the top 10% because hitting 1 million ST is pretty easy, let alone with an event damage CE. If the NP alone can’t manage it then usually the brave chain cleans up. Add in the new chain mechanics and it seems even easier.

I’m operating under the assumption it’s just an HP wall, not NP damage/card type resist or something.


This is what I’m worried about. Ive been ~5-6 turning the 90 nodes for years and I’m happy with that, but if they decide to up all the values, increase the event duration, and make it hell to clear if you dont have castoria or whatever thats just not good

It isn’t “hell to clear unless you have Castoria.”

I’m playing a brand new JP account with 1 SSR and the event+shop clear is trivial, and even I can get by on borrowing uber Servants. Which is easy to do as you can use the NPs on any borrowed Servant now, and Waver is a welfare.

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When did this happen?

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You can choose him with the ticket all new accounts get.


One of the future anniversaries I believe. 2nd ssr ticket, except it’s perma and you get it for clearing fuyuki.

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