New A and B Skills and 4 Variants (Repost)

*Probably going to be way too OP and annoying af. But lol that’s ok)

Penalty Doubler 3 (Saizo’s Star basically)

Grants bonus to ATK/SPD/DEF/RES during combat = current penalty on each of target’s stats. Calculates each stat bonus independently

(Stat/Stat) (Unit Movement Type) Bond 3

Grants +7 (Stat/Stat) to this unit during combat if unit is adjacent to a/an (Unit Movement Type) Unit.

Reverse Triangle Adept 3

Gives Atk+20% if Weapon-Triangle Disadvantage, Atk-20% if Weapon-Triangle Advantage.

(Stat) Boost 4

If unit has at least 3 more HP than enemy at the start of combat, unit receives (Stat) +9 during combat.

Life and Death 4

Gives + 9 Atk/Spd and -7 Def/Res
Gives +7 Atk/Spd and -5 Def/Res

(Movement Type) Breaker

If unit’s HP ≥ 50% in combat against a (movement type), unit makes a follow-up attack and foe cannot.

Reverse Desperation (Basically Lewyn’s tome and Shadow Sword)

If unit initiates combat with HP > or = 75%, follow-up attacks occur immediately after unit’s attack.


My Marisa is interested…

I actually had the idea of a new set of skills which would be completely superior to Boost Skills. It seems like something IS would do considering the Defiants and Brazens.

Basically 2 stats are boosted to +6 instead of 1, and instead of having 3 or more HP, they just have to have more HP.


I want!!!

I wouldn’t mind it either.