New Account brave options

Considering L!Ike and Fjorm’s weapon refine’s and new skills, which should I choose from the available CYL options?

B!Edelgard seems like the optimal one for CYL4, but I see a case for Lysithea as well

And CYL3 I don’t even know who to pick

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I prefer BClaude as he offers some unique playstyle. But the playerbase seems to simp for BEdelgard the most for whatever reason.

For CYL3, the most common pick is Micaiah, but they should receive refines soon that might change our understanding of them completely, so take my advise with caution.


He does give me a bow option, might think about it.
I don’t think i can stall the CYL3 option, doesn’t the free one expire this year? or is it CYL2 that expires this year?

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They expire the free pick before their refines, so CYL3 will be unavailable in a month
**presumably (assuming they do CYL3 refines, which I think they will)


Yeah, so I need to choose the free one now, maybe I do go with Micaih, giving me a green mage is good, since 2 free ones are red and blue physical units

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CYL3 expires in 1-2 weeks. IMO Camilla is the best blind pick, because Gravity++ can cheese nearly every map in the game, but Micaiah has her uses too.

Claude requires premium fodder for his best builds, while Edelgard is very strong on just base kit. Also Fatal Smoke hurt Claude a lot more than it hurt Edel.


It’s up to luck which ever one gets the “best” refine, so I’d say focus on fodder or whoever could round out your barracks the best. B!Camilla is probably the best one available as of now, but that just means her refine will be pretty tame. The others will be a dice roll in terms of value, so in terms of uniqueness, I’d say go for B!Micaiah.


Overall L!Ike, Fjorm, B!Edel and B!Micaiah seem to be the cool options then, maybe B!Camilla though, I’m not sure yet hmmmmmm


After careful consideration looking at their art I have chosen to go with camilla so I can heal and Gravity, like someone said you can gravity cheese


CYL3 is debateable at this point because refines could go pretty much any way. If I had to bet, though, I’d say Micaiah would get a good refine, Camilla would get a mediocre one, and the males, I have no idea.

For CYL4, as I put in the beginner’s guide, B!Dimitri is probably the best pick for absolute beginners since he works really well straight out of the box, and in less competitive modes like story, he can do really really well, just walling off and deleting pretty much any physical unit. There’s a strong case to be made for B!Edel though since with DC she is pretty much undoubtably better, and even without DC it’s entirely up to debate. B!Claude needs expensive fodder to work well and B!Lysith has pretty simple to get replacements.


Ayo wtf, I got Summer Norne just for viewing the ending of the TT

That’s cool tbh


B!Edel is the safest pick of CYL4. Het base kit is already good, and on the long you’ll only change her D.Ward for DC, or you can make her a Save unit too. B!Claude needs a bunch of skills to work and is heavily countered by Fatal Smoke as others said.

As for CYL3 there’s more options in Camilla and Micaiah. While i agree Camilla can make maps easy with super gravity, it’s not something unique to her, you just need enough resources on other healers to do so. It also doesn’t help that healers refine aren’t really game changing (at least up today). So i personaly prefer Micaiah, betting on a good refine like a bunch of debuff based we had.


What expensive skills are we thinking about for B!Claude? He needs Close Counter or Foil in his A slot. That is the most important skills. Are ya’ll forgetting that you get a free copy of Takumi with a new account?

He already comes with an optimal C skill. B skill and Sacred Seal don’t have to be that expensive either (Quick Riposte, Guard, Iote’s Shield)

But I agree, B!Edelgard is probably still better as a carry

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For beginners I generally discouraging using fodder like CC (which, while they do get one copy of, can be very hard to come by), and pretty much, any fodder at all. Some experience is generally recommended before I think players should start foddering off any 5*s to be honest.


Not everyone is willing to part ways with Takumi, regardless of how unoptimal it may be.


BClaude doesn’t need CC or CF. He can be paired with a Near Savior or snipe the melee threats on PP.

Fatal Smoke is a problem, but no more than LSigurd, LLilina, DuoLif or even a well build Reinhardt is to BEdelgard.

The OP doesn’t have any ranged units. BEdelgard would have the same range and mobility than Fjorm and Like. It might be better for him to add ranged and fliers to the team to allow for a different game play.

And that’s why he’s getting Micaiah or Camilla on CYL3

…you know for that matter, OP should go Brave Lysithea. Good Basekit Red Tomes are hard to come across compared to other elements, and Lysithea has a lot of elements in her kit that make her a solid slayer. She also only gets better with Skill Inheritance rather than relying on it for optimal play. Time’s Pulse, Special Spiral, Null Follow-Up, Ruptured Sky…

Consider if we follow trends, B Alm would be expected to get a BIke or B Hector like refine since he was the #1 top dog. Don’t hold me to this, but this is definitely a trend.

While I anticipate Alm getting a very powerful refine, it’s not set in stone, and the fact remains that he is an offensive sword unit in a a game that is jam packed with powerful sword units. Even just among sword infantry there’s stuff like Ayra, W-Altina, Lucina, M-Kris, and F-Ike

The number of effects he would need to be chosen over any of these options is dizzying, especially since his niche of Sendscale is his A slot which locks him out of Distant Counter. He could wind up amazing, but he is by far the easiest unit to find an alternative for out of all the CYL 3 units