New account merge project (polls)


So as some of you may know, I am making a second account. It will happen during the weekend due to crappy internet. But I have a few ideas for merge projects and want your guys input.

Red non-grail unit

Blue unit (no poll)

Green non-grail

Colorless non-grail

Grail units


I’m a simple man. I see Beruka, i vote.

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I really like l´arachel too and thought about merging her, but I´ve got too much going on right now :joy: but she is one I definitely want to merge at some point :smiley:


Seliph really packs a punch once you invest, strongly recommend him.
Also Barst is just loads of fun, although I don’t know about focusing on his resistance…


The build might switch up, but I was trying to go for an all around tank. I guess I could use libra instead actually… That may actually become libra instead depending on my pulls.

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one day I’ll see a full offensive +10 Clarisse


Sorry, I just wanted a debuffer and she is one of the best.


i have a feeling you guys are using me for votes because of the polls

but i can’t stop myself

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You didn’t even vote on all of the polls. You just voted on the grail unit one.


because valter is bae


He is a deranged maniac who kills for fun…
You would want to date that?