New Account Tips


Hi guys. I just started a second account so i can use the sq there and save them on the main account.
Any good tips? for exemple, among the first 4 star in the training pool, i dont want herc here to, or emiya.
any one else is a cool servant to use?
and second, if i want to do a 5 * restart run, how long shell i play before restarting?


Marie and Elisabeth make good choices, Stheno is a good meme and Siegfried is useful if you particularly hate wyverns and dragons.


Another good one is, put your friend code on here so people can add you on your new account, I’ll add you if you do


A good SR Servant from the tutorial summon is Carmilla. She will have some use against Saber Alter in Fuyuki and will carry you through Orleans.


Second on Carmilla! Her amazing star and NP gen with Quick cards makes for much more interesting gameplay than Berserker buster blitzing!

Fun fact: Carmilla has the highest NP Gain Rate ingame (and the second highest Star Generation).


i chose to go for carmilla. but i will try to pull a 5* with the first 3 sq they give you if she and something else dont come. this is going to be long, but i started this second account becouse i have nothing to do o.o


possibly, i want carmilla and eli o.o


and an immaginary element