New ARO Teams!

So I’ve revamped my AR-O teams a little bit - here they are:

Light season

Just a classic B!Hector tank team

Doesn’t work that often but it’s fun when it does. Duo!Ephraim is the carry.

This probably has to be revised as Freyja only really works when she’s the bonus unit of the season.

This team actually still needs to be revised again, as I don’t get enough bulk on Brunnya to soak Dark shrines :/

Here, Brunnya soaks dark shrines for F!Lyon so he can pretty much annihilate most cavlines by himself. I see myself using this team most lately.

Astra season

I’m actually not too sure about Y!Innes yet but B!Dimitri is a very nice tank! B!Lucina might be swapped out for a different support as she is paired with B!Ike as her support partner.

Basically the same team as the F!Lyon team I use in light season, but this time with a blue Lyon (note that Lyon is not blessed because I used him in arena).

Pretty much my best Astra team - B!Ike is at +9 already and is just waiting for NFU fodder to work even better.

A little experimental and I didn’t have a chance to test this out yet, but Y!Tanas movement is just crazy. I hope that I manage to pull some stunts with this team sometime.

And my last and newest AR team. Didn’t have a chance to test this yet and once I get both Far and Close Save fodder, I’ll put Sothis/other Armored Dragon or Beast in there to cover close and far saves. For now I’m still thinking about giving F!Edelgard Galeforce. Ofc Velouria is paired with F!Edelgard.

You are free to comment on them, make suggestions or take them as inspiration for your own ARO teams :feh_roysmile:

Impetus for suggestions regarding other ARO units I could use:

  • Any cav (I don’t use any cav in ARO yet so that would be fun)
  • Duo!Eirika - I really like her but she isn’t particularly the best tank or Galeforcer out there :/
  • F!M!Morgan - Pulled him recently and love how he works. Is he worth using in ARO at +0 tho?

Also sorry for the low effort-ishness of this post - I wanted to post this before going to bed because I hope to get some feedback on my new teams but it’s laaaate and I have to get up early tomorrow :(

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Actually noone? :catcry:

considering that most people do something outside of GP, its night time for Merica and early in the morning of EU rn
gotta wait more I guess


Do you still have that Ephemera copy of Hot Springs Ryoma? Azura loves using it with Galeforce so she can WoM Kill, Galeforce, then refresh your carry. Kinda needs some help getting Galeforce charged (Flashing Blade + Infantry Pulse helps) but it’s not too dissimilar to what I run on Ninja Navarre. That’s all I can really say with my brain half awake enough to think of how to improve.


Wait, when was there an ephemera for Hot Spring Ryoma? :o
I don’t think I have him… but If I did, I’d probably ratger give the Curtains to my Dancer Eldigan and swap Azura out for him

If I remember right he was added in January?

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Nooooo I came back after a break shortly after then T_T

Don’t pair her with a bulky unit, and use her with 4 mythics.

  • that’s an… interesting Brunnya build. Either make her a tank and remove B!Edel, or remove Brunnya and just have M!Corrin or something to soak the chills

  • why is Sara and Y!Innes on a B!Dimi tanking team :fgo_mordredthink:

  • your astra N!Hana + F!Lyon team seems to lack focus. It’s not quite galeforce, it’s not quite tank, it’s not even really a cavline counterpick team. I would change around some kits and some units there

  • B!Ike deflect magic is really not necessary. He’s already only taking 20% of those hits. Also Olivia doesn’t really need to be on that team

  • Velouria + F!Edel doesn’t seem to make much sense, since she retaliates with bonfire already… unless you wanna PP first, and honestly, she’s strong enough at that already. I’d recommend running a different support


Yeah, I’m a little lost with what I want to do with some of the teams sometimes…

  • Brunnya normally runs SS3, Special Spiral or Lull Atk Res and a Solo in her Sacred Seal slot but I tried to make her tanky enough to soak dark shrines for F!Lyon at least? Maybe that’s not really necessary tho.

  • Sara I think is a decent support unit for B!Dimitri and Y!Innes just filled a slot that I didn’t know what to do otherwise with to hopefully snipe off some green units that run the risk of killing off B!Dimitri

  • It’s similar in the F!Lyon team - I didn’t know who else to put in there. N!Hana might not be the right choice :/ Who else could benefit F!Lyon in your opinion?

  • Yeah, perhaps some stance might be better on B!Ike actually. Once again I didn’t know who else to put in there so I chose Olivia to let Innes snipe one or two units/ race to the pots

  • The thing with this team is that I thought about giving F!Edel Galeforce instead which would change the situation drastically imo. Bonfire might be the safer bet tho, so I will probably change Velouria for W!Sothis or a different support like M!Corrin.

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Actually, what would you think of Arvis/F!M!Morgan as debuff supports alongside F!Lyon or B!Dimitri?
I actually don’t really know who else to put and they could provide debuffs while dishing out a lot of damage themselves!

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