New banners

What do you think of the new banner?!


(If image doesn’t load: Mostima, Hishiguma, Bluepoison, Manticore, Sora)

Looks like a good mix of decent operators!

Other than Manticore I don’t have any of the OPs on this banner, so it’d be really good to roll on if I wasn’t saving right now, especially since Mostima is one of my major targets

She gets a rate up on the next Joint Operation Banner tho, so I’ll be rolling on that one instead. I can avoid some unwanted spooks that way and the other 3 who are there I wouldn’t mind getting either

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I would love to get Mostima, but i am far from triggering my pity summon.

The best AoE caster i will get in this banner will be Lava, i fear

Good luck to all who will roll

I’ll probably skip since I have 4 out of 5 ops, my roll plan for now is to roll till I proc pity anywhere except in situations like this where I have 80% of the ops already

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Hmmm…the only one I don’t have from this banner is Mostima and the last banner reset my pity, so I’ll probably skip this one. I might buy Manticore from the shop though, since that will max out her potential and I do use her fairly often. Would’ve loved for BP to be the one in the shop though.

I have everyone besides Hoshi and Sora, I will pull for guarantee and maybe one ten pull if I do not get one of the two with the guarantee.
Been playing since the game went global, it’s time Hoshi came home.
5$ monthly pass player.

Yeah with BP in my main roster and Hoshi and Manti on the reserve team, I will also pull till the guarantee.

I really really want Sora and Manticore (and Mostima), but I spent all my orundum farming disappointment on Bagpipe’s banner so I don’t think I can get them…

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For me it’s a banner that I must skip: Miss W awaits me! :fgo_gudako:

Also I already got most of them:
Hoshiguma :white_check_mark:
Sora :white_check_mark:
Blue Poison :white_check_mark:
Manticore :ballot_box_with_check: : I will buy her from the shop for 45 certs.

Mostima :x:: I don’t really need her even if I like her for the looks and lore wise. As someone already said, she is arguably the worst 6 :star: in the game unfortunately :disappointed_relieved:. The fault is her being in the AOE archetype, which really slows down the pace of the action. I wouldn’t mind using her though, since I use for example another AOE Caster like Skyfire pretty often anyways and I don’t have issues. But still, I would prefer getting spooked by Mostima in a random banner afterwards.

This is like a bait banner for me. Only Hoshiguma is really worth it, but you can also buy her with tickets or recruit her with a Top Tag one day. I think we should all save for Shamare, Phantom, Elysium, Weedy and most importantly W! I will skip this banner for sure.