New Castle design and 5x SP but it's paywalled

I didn’t see a thread directly talking about it so I made this here. You get a new castle design, 5x SP(For only 3 months), and they allow you to purchase the Forma pack twice. What the mention in the fine print is that after the 3 months(Up until August 20th) you’ll receive 2x SP afterwards.

I dunno… I already thought it was a bit scummy to make resplendents locked behind two paywalls if you don’t get them immediately but giving out a constant SP modifier(And the P2W castle design) sounds dumb as hell. That’s not counting allowing people to buy the Forma twice which honestly has been a constant miss for the last few months.




ye i posted it in the update thread, its kinda fucked but honestly for me its kinda worth
Now you can SP grind anytime you want instead of needing to always wait for weekends which I fucking hate


From how I read it, everyone can buy two Forma Souls a month, not just people who buy this customisation pack. That’s only for the bonus SP

It is kinda pay to win but it’s mostly for those who pull a lot of new units on the regular (ie mainly people who spend money on the game anyway). I don’t mega SP grind very often so I don’t have much use for it


I hope someone with all of Fjorms’s alt makes a FB meme with all of them in the library.

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I really don’t think the SP thing is actually that big a deal. It’s just a QoL thing that makes grinding take less time, hardly something that would give you an advantage over people who don’t have it. The forma thing is a bit more significant but still nothing crazy imo. Formas are certainly nice but not something I would say gives one person a significant advantage over someone else for the most part. Plus keep in mind that buying two means spending more money. If it gave you two for the price of one then I would call it more scummy. So to me none of this is really all that bad, especially since it’s not that expensive to buy the initial pack itself.


It is. Haven’t bought the new thing yet, but could buy two souls. So I definitely don’t see an issue with the new pack in thar case.


Like would it be better if it was available to everyone like all other castle themes? Absolutely. But I don’t think it’s anything worth making a big fuss about. Permanent 2x SP is really more of a “nice to have” thing than anything you really need. I don’t think you’ll be missing out too bad without it.


The SP bonus is completely unnecessary so if anyone wants to pay for it and thereby help keep the game running, totally fine by me. Same with the castle.



I wouldn’t say it’s a P2W feature, as grinding SP is extremly easy enough.
I’d say the 5x SP is rather a “comfort” (forgot the proper english word, if someone can help me out) feature.

Same for the castle’s design, i think it’s healthy to sell stuff like that.
I see it as skins in league of legends. It kept the game running, and it didn’t ruin players experience (often the opposite).


5xSP is nice and all, but two forma packs per month is the real win for me. Forma packs have the best orb for dollar ratio, so even if I don’t have a use for the souls, as a dolphin, those are a must buy.

Having said that, I don’t like how IS is pushing packs on us lately. We have new summoner support packs, new castle design packs, extra forma packs, harmonic packs, etc. At this rate we’ll have a new pack every week…


I like money


I don’t know how to make memes, but maybe this will help you with your idea.

I have one extra Bridal copy if you think more is better.


You got all Fjorm alt’ in the castle!
How did you do that ? just plain luck ?


Just put them all on a team together. Did you never notice that your currently selected team shows up in the castle before? And your lead unit (first slot of team 1) at the very top with your summoner.


Wdym “wrong Library?”


They just picked a team of all Fjorms as their currently selected team

Aside from the top unit (unless your currently selected team is Team 1) the uppermost units are always whatever team you have currently selected in the Battle menu. It’s only random if your currently selected team is blank

Bottom two units are always randomized unless someone with Hero Merit feathers to collect isn’t on the currently selected team, then the game prioritizes those


Beautiful <3 she is studying how to avoid death by talking to too many people :relieved:


Oops i hope they’re ok :_

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Were you looking for “luxury?”