New characters you want/expect to appear in FGO in future (excluding simple class changes)

Let all the FGO community to know which characters you wish were added in future.

Rules are such:

  • No simple Alter versions or different class versions, please. On the other hand, conceptually different, like Alcides being non-demigod Hercules, or Jack the Ripper being not our cute Jackie, but the real murdering psycho (like they both came out in Fate/ Strange Fake) are ok.
  • No characters out of recent media (lets be real here - copyright would wreck any chances of Geralt or Aragorn coming to FGO).
  • Please, explain (even if briefly) why, and what outcome you expect from there.

So, without further ado, I would get the roll with my picks.

  1. Returning to the idea of FSF, there are 4 characters, that could be implemented in FGO. And they probably WOULD be in FGO, if that novel would get an anime adaptation. So, yeah. Those 4 are Richard Lionheart, Alexandre Dumah and already mentioned duo of Jack the Maniac and not-so-Godlike Alcides. I expect, that there could be a FGOxFSF crossover event in future and at least those 4 could be added to the pool. To avoid spoilers, I would not explain what classes they are and what-not.

  2. Next, I have an unexplainable urge to make a family reunions for Pendragon family even more chaotic and bizzare, so… Morgana LeFay!!! Imagine Mordred or, better yet, SAlter meeting her. What an interesting sight it would be… Ah, well, as for Morgana herself, I think, that she would manifest as either Caster, or Avenger. First one is an 80% possibility imo, second is 15%, then Berserker at 4% and other classes get the last 1.

  3. Last, but not least is one of the greatest conquerors of our history - Genghis Khan! Really, do I need to explain WHY his addition to FGO would be interesting? Well, ok, I cannot ignore my own rules.
    This is the man, who made most of the continental Asia into his domain. The man, who had, despite being brutal in war, made it into a law to leave religion and culture of conquered lands untouched… and yet heavily influenced it still. Yeah, no doubt a man with a fame of such a calibre needs do get a representation as FGO Servant.
    What do I expect? Ruler, Archer or Rider, most likely. Ruler class is an obvious possibility, Archer and Rider are both due to Mongolian archer cavalry being the most famous part of their army.


Morgan Le Fay was a servant I couldn’t believe was not in the game already given the Arthurian Legend basis for the face of the franchise. I love her in just about anything that she shows up in. I assume she is coming in the next lost belt, but who knows? I vaguely hope she sucks to save myself quartz, because if I love her, it will probably be a pointless np5 sink knowing me…

I also want Arcueid. I know nothing about her, but well, that would just be an excuse to get into the series if they announce her. I have to get around to the Shiki series for that reason too. But I am relatively new to Fate, so I am trying to finish this one before moving on to some other massive franchise.

Those are the only two I would unconditionally pull for.


Buddha as he is mentioned a lot in terms of being Kiara’s natural enemy and in CCC, he was a savior class which I found really unexplored as they only talks about how Kiara could have ended up as another Savior class and never went any deeper than that. I find such an important figure in transcending physical realms and leaving simple desires/pleasure in religious teaching would be a nice addition to FGO as the first of a class.


With FSF having an anime adpatation It’s clear to me that we will have them soon. So Yeah It would propbably one of the event that I’m waiting the most since I like a lot FSF (can’t wait for the anime adpatation btw)

Other than that, I would like Charlemagne to appears ! Don’t know why he’s not here yet. Both Saber and Ruler version obvioulsy.

And same would love to see Arcueid :3 After all, she’s supposed to be Archetype Earth which make her quite powerful.

Also, I know it will never happen but wuold love to see Aoko as a Servant. After all, she’s THE miss Blue. Probably one of the few human who can fight against servant.

there is no fsf anime adaptation tho :thinking:

also genghis khan as altera’s sister/brother pls

I am still waiting for Tamamo Vitch (Koyanskaya) to be added officially. Also since we are going for 5 more year of FGO I hope we’ll get to see more member of the Tamamo Nine gang.

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Yes there is :

I just can’t wait :fgo_meltbirb: :fgo_gaooo: :fgo_gaooo: :fgo_meltbirb:

That was just to promote it, no official anime adaptation was announced yet unfortunately.



:fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside: :fgo_deadinside:

With 8 centuries of difference?!

Btw, just remembered another good one. Abe-no-Seimei. The most known of Onmyou himself. His relationship with Tamamo and Shuten would be a bit of a mess though. What with him helping to defeat those 2. 100% Caster. Personally, I can’t even percieve any other class for him, without going to Alter or Summer re-classifications.

Don’t lose hope, brother! I think, that making such a good MV just for being a Teaser for next part of novel was an overkill. So it could’ve been an unofficial hidden pre-teaser for anime. At least I hope, that it meant FSF being at least considered for anime adaptation.

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As a fan of Epic (God only knows how many litterature i have read of it), ii would like to see as a servant:

Nyx, the goddess of the night.

For who does not know it, she is so powerful that even Zeus himself fear her, she is also the mother of powerful gods like Thanatos (death), Hypnos (sleep) and Erebus (darkness).

Nyx is one of my favourite goddess in epic.

She is eerie, she keeps away from normal matters as if she is superior to mortal and immortal affairs…

And she is so damn OP, to be feared also by Zeus

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I would like to actually have the Miyamoto Musashi from ‘our’ world. Basically the male version, the true Musashi.

Not that I dislike the female Musashi we have already, she’s our quirky world-hopping buddy, but seeing another type of Japanese swordsman similar to Yagyu would be pretty cool. (although he most likely wouldn’t be old like in the manga but brought in his prime and be younger)

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The “True” sasaki kojirou when DW?


also yea seimei is literally all but confirmed to be coming next month possibly

and someone clearly never actually read altera lore if you have to ask tat question

Yeah? I just re-checked out her lore just in case. And she IS from 5th century, as she is supposed to be historically. Temujin, on the other hand, comes from 11-12th century, so, while my exclaim of 800 years of difference was a bit overstated, it’s still true in the spirit.

altera is an ailen that came down to earth 14000 yrs ago and even has 2 alien siblings so

Dafaq?! Where had you found this info? Bond-bio from wiki (I don’t have her myself, so wiki is the only reliable source of gamelore I have) says nothing of such, so your claims strike me odd… Could it be that you’ve mixed her up with someone else?

The true Sasaki Kojirou don’t exist, in the oun world of Fate he don’t really exist

It’s more Titan Altera (Veber) than Altera the servant though. Altera is the core essence (don’t ask me what’s that mean lol) of Sefar (aka Veber 002) aka Titan Aletra