New Command Card Discussion 1: Tokugawa Restoration Labyrinth Ooku

Since I haven’t seen much on this I thought Maybe we could have a quick thread discussing the new command cards for the event!

The Nun with a Bodhisattva's Merciful Gaze

Applies a 20% special attack against lawful enemies and a 20% special attack against Rulers to the engraved Command Card.

There are currently 6 rulers and 5 of them are lawful. So, if I understand this right, this card can double dip on these targets and hit for 40% extra damage! That is pretty strong!

This card this is undoubtedly a great Command Code for avengers. They already have an advantage against rulers and beserkers so this CC can take that advantage even further. That said, it might be even better used on kiara as she get class advantage against far more classes in addition to rulers.

For instance, on Kiara (who is featured on the card) not only can you use it on ruler and berserker servants but also against riders, casters, and assassins. So where Jean Alter would get extra damage on 12 different servants (that she is already effective agianst), Kiara gets to do that against 45!

Outside of that, It will probably be best used on an Archer as Sabers, if I counted right, currently have the most number of Lawful servants in the game with 15 servants (Lancers come in second with 14 lawful servants). This also helps MHX due to her anti-saber skill.

Finally, you could use this on a Beserker to get the maximum spread of extra damage to the most servants of this alignment.

Spear of Love, Action, and Wisdom

Gain 2 Critical Stars and applies a 20% special attack against Charmed Enemies to the engraved Command Card

This is a pretty sweet command card for anyone with an a decent charm servant. It hits as hard as Lynchpin and gives stars! Not bad for a four star CC!

It features Parvati and I would think it is without a doubt her best command card. Between her high group wide charm percentage and NP spamming potential I think she will get a huge deal of damage out of this card. However, since her Charm isn’t 100% she will undoubtly charm one target but end up hitting a different target without some sort of way of increasing her charm chance. Same with other AoE charmers who can’t quite hit 100% charm chance like Shuten, D’Eon, or Mata Hari.

I feel it is better on the best card of a single target charmers like Alexander, Marie, Medusa Lancer, Eurayle, and Kama. Post buff almost all of these servants can reach 100% or higher charm chance and way more likely to use the CC against a charmed target. Eurayle, in particular has multiple charms she can use to get the buff up right before the card hits.

Faint Black Delusions Command Seal

Inflicts poins (600 damaga each turn for 3 turns) status to the enemy and inflicts 100 hp damage demerit when using the engraved card

Trading 100 hp for 1800 damage doesn’t seem to be a bad idea to me. But where this card probably shines most is on a servant who either is able to boost poison damage or does special damage to poisoned enemies.

So the first servant I think of for using this CC card with is Robin Hood. This gives him another way to apply a poison debuff before his NP to get his bonus damage. Similarly, I think this is a pretty good CC for Hassan of Serenity as she can apply the toxic debuff and turn that 1800 damage into 3600.

So what do you all think of these command codes?

And Please don’t forget to check Wejustpay’s amazing Command Card thread for specific servant recommendations!


Personally this is how I’d use them:

Kiara CC: Unless I get spooked by some version of Kiara I’ll probably just give it to Salome since I know I’ll get her eventually via friend summons. Not a perfect fit, but closest I can get without having a version of Kiara.

Parvati’s Spear CC: Probably just wait for Parvati honestly, she still hasn’t shown up though.

Kariya’s Command Seal CC: Since we have no Kariya pseudo-servant and it doesn’t make sense on berserker Lancelot, I already gave it to Serenity. It fits her perfectly since her blood is poisonous, so my headcanon is that when she uses this CC she cuts herself to poison the enemy, kind of as a less extreme version of her NP where she kills herself in order to spill a ton of poisonous blood on her target.


I’ll be giving the Kiara CC to Kiara herself since she is effectively my team’s de facto ‘Avenger’.

For the Parvati CC, Kama is the obvious choice since she can consistently take advantage of the bonus damage against Charmed enemies. Parvati works too, but I just like Kama more.

Generally, I have no idea how to make use of the various fixed damage CC’s so they just tend to lie around in my inventory unused. They’re kinda wasted on a DPS since there are so many better options for ramping up damage and not all that useful for supports.

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I immediately gave the poison one to Robin. Not having to wait for his skill to come off cool down when he’s charged up (or in case resisted) is a match made in heaven.

The Parvati cc I was definitely thinking euryale, but thought I’d review my list of charming servants to decide. While Parvati is a match… I mostly try to loop with her, meaning enemies usually are dead before she can charm them, some probably not as useful as euryale charmlocking some sap over and over.

Hadn’t thought about the Kiara cc yet, but since I have Kiara compliments of the GSSR, maybe her. Might exercise my new Salieri first for the ruler angle though. But lawful enemies are more plentiful than rulers…so alter ego probably can make better use of it.


I don’t use Serenity much but Robin really appreciates having another source of poison in case his misses or is on cooldown.

The Kiara one i was thinking of giving to Kiara’s Buster, mostly because it’s really niche and Da Vinci-chan isn’t available yet so there isn’t a great option to put there atm.

The Spear is nice for Quetz Samba, because of the stars, but OG quetzalcoatl would like it too so i’m unsure.

Overall solid but we have yet to get the most universal ones in Maid in Orleans (if you have Good Wife Wise Fox) and Magus of flowers.


The Kiara CC would work well on your CQ avenger of choice (Jalter or doggo, for example), but I use neither of them often enough to care about it so I’ll just let it sit for a bit. I don’t know about the spear one, I don’t often rely on charms (even when I use Euryale I use her for the damage multiplier more than charm).

Poison looks practical for Robin though I don’t use him regularly, if at all. I might equip it on Arjuna Alter later on since I’ve been hearing about these debuff CCs applying before damage, so it’s good to put burn/poison/curse CCs on him.

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Kiara CC goes to Jalter.
Parvati CC goes to Kama.
The other CC gets thrown into the box as a nice souvenir because ■■■■ losing health for a 1 time +600 damage.


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It’s poison, for 3t, and not just 1 time. So robin and arjuna alter can have a field day with this cc


Misread, my bad. Still not worth much IMO, but might use it to round out Martha Ruler as she’s likely going to sit there punching for a while anyway.

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I think if I remember correctly
I gave the poison cc on my jeanne art card on jp

The charm one I used as a star generator on sitonai quick

The kiara one was to pent

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Shuten also increases Poison damage; her NP inflicts Toxic. You can probably NP more than one-third as often than you can use Serenity’s skills, so it makes a decent choice for her. The rest of the discussion is quite thorough! I’m updating the other Command Code thread as we speak – guess I have to move faster in future events. :^)


These types of CCs are top tier for Arjuna Alter since his kit gives him a massive damage boost against anyone affected by any sort of standard, removable debuff.

The damage from poison and similar effects is utterly poor; the real value is synergy with Servants who have special interactions with status effects.


3* and 5* for Jalter
4* for kama


I’m still torn on who gets Kiara’s, Kiara herself being a frontrunner but a good array of Avengers may find it more useful since they tend to be card-centric than her. Parvati will likely get her own, to help shore up facecarding if her loops fails and I’ll probably ignore Kariya’s for now.

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Kiara’s CC is already good aside from the ruler dmg, that bonus vs lawful servants is also nice

as for the others well, the spear is pretty much designed for either Parv or Kama and the 3* is commonly used on AA buster cards

Kiara’s CC is going on one of Kiara’s Busters for me. I have no plans to roll for an Avenger seriously, and she is my Ruler killer.

Parvati’s is going on Parvati too (after I grail her come Gilfest), probably on one of her Quicks.

No idea what I’m gonna do with the R CC.

Parvati’s spear is great on Shuten or any servant you’d use with Shuten since she has AoE charm and defense down with a decent chance to land.

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Kiara is under Zaynab’s wing - yet, I am still going to hand that CC to the Queen of Galilee myself. Don’t forget she has that juicy damage bonus vs Lawful Good on first skill, which means basically all ruler crew. Add to that her universal zerk damage-bonus against anyone Lawful Good who is not a Foreigner and I can see it serve her well on one of her red cards.

Do note that yes, I’ll be one of those people who’ll grail and gold Fou Salome to max, so there’s even more mileage to be got out of that


These aren’t bad at all. A nice addition to the collection we’ve got.

Kiara CC: Going to Jalter. Figure I’ll throw it onto one of her busters and that’s fine. Will just make those occasions I bust her out to buster crit a ruler into oblivion even more satisfying. There’s probably more tactical ways to use this, but Jalter deserves something nice.

Spear: Going to Kama. There’s some questionable symbolism there and I’m sure the character herself wouldn’t approve, but it fits. Not necessarily during this event since Kama is hitting so hard she melts everything with a single NP. But past this that should work well to give her some extra pop after a NP.

Seal: Not sure. Obviously Robin makes sense, but I barely use Robin so I almost feel like that’d be a waste. He’s definitely well suited to use that to give his NP more flexibility for when you use it. Maybe Serenity for symbolism reasons.