New Community Day annoucement: PORYGON


I mean, uh, yeah, what a weird typo!

What if, and bear with me on this, this was actually a leak by Gamepress?!?!?!

After Trapinch and Chimchar it will be Porygon!!! :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:

There were news about Lock On on the game data, I pretty sure that they assume that Porygon was the next CD Mon because of that, and were already making a draft about it, the just recycled it and forgot to change the title.

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How they’d implement lock on is interesting as it is a non damaging move that makes the next move bypass accuracy. And there’s no accuracy in this game.

If i had to pick a move for pory, it’d be tri-attack

If they made it a Charm clone it would put Porygon-Z on par with Meloetta.

One big issue: Porygon takes not one-but 2 items to evolve! what would they do? make every stop give you an upgrade?!?!?! I get that Swinub was a weird case where you were guaranteed Sinnoh Stones but this is different!

Using Swinub Day as an example, they would probably do something similar if Porygon gets a community day. X number of guaranteed Upgrades from spinning stops, and X number of guaranteed Sinnoh Stones from PvP battles. Porygon is an oddball in that it requires two separate evolution items to get to Porygon-Z, but it really wouldn’t be that difficult for them to make it work.

They didn’t give any stone for Gallade during Ralts CD, so they must assume that at this point you are drowning on Sinnoh Stones.

I can’t get them for some reason! I’ve fought my mom many a time but I have only gotten Sinnoh stones about 20% of the time!