New Doctor here, advice on my base setup

Sorry for asking this, I want to know whether 2-4-3 setup is better than 2-5-2 or not ??.
I don’t know if I’m late or not, but my current base setup is 2-4-3 with :
Control Centre level 4 (Current level is 51)

  1. Office room (level 3) +Training room (level 2) + Reception room (level 2) + Workshop (level 3)
  2. All Dormitories level 3
  3. 2 Power Plants (maxed out) + 2 Factories (maxed out) + 2 Factories (level 1) + 2 Trading Post
    (maxed out)
    I always prefer to farm exp rather than LMD since it doesn’t open everyday
    Any advices is always helping, Thanks

any advice please ??

That’s only 8 buildings, you have an empty slot?

From what I understand 252 gets slightly more production than 243 by sacrificing the right side facilities and dorms. You can’t demolish the right side facilities so if your office & reception are already upgraded then you can’t really do it.

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Yes i have, the other form, the bottom one, isn’t unlocked yet, so what do you suggest then with my current set up

P.S. i’ve read that one and i already knew the right side can’t be downgraded, but isn’t cleared to me yet, that’s why i ask someone

Although 252 gives more resources, it requires you to login more frequently to send your operators to the dormitory. However, looking your current setup, I wouldn’t bother with a 252 set up as you’ll have to downgrade all of your dormitories and most likely going to have to completely remove a dorm (and you might not even have enough power then).

I’ve been running 252 for almost a year now and I have exactly enough power for all my building.


Thanks, so i should running 2-4-3 setup right ?? And i’ve been heard that between 2-4-3 and 2-5-2 is slightly difference. Yeah i rarely login every hour

Yes I would just do 243, it’s simple and it works well.


Out of curiosity what is your ressource /day (gold and lmd) ?
Would like to compare with my “weird” setup.

I run a 3-4-2 : p

All my drones mostly goes towards lmd but sometimes gold.

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Thanks you very much.

I always wondered if my 3-4-2 was bad or not haha

In case you’re wondering here’s my Report (don’t pay attention of the 28K lmd on the left, I overslept and basically ■■■■’ up my day in the game, I usually make around the number on 3.28 )
I use sometime need to switch to 3 Factory in Gold and 1 in EXP in order to make some reserve.