New Elincia project

I am planning to build Elincia since I find her bow to be real interesting but I’m not sure what to but in her my idea is to be speed oriented so for the A skill I would but Darting blow 4 or flashing blade 4 I have no clue for the B skill maybe something for mobility and for the C I might use spd smoke 3. I want to know if these are good ideas or not and some of y’all’s builds


@dimitrisnoodlehair because I’m too lazy to suggest a build

Attack and speed stacking is definitely the way to go. A/S solo, swift sparrow, or an impact skill are her best A for sure.

Trace is her best B slot, but since it’s premium as hell I also suggest the tried and true classic desperation. Unavoidable quads are nothing to sneeze at.

Best C is of course a rein (unless using a catch for an A skill, then menace may be preferred). If none is available, just throw whatever there really, probably a smoke skill.

also you know her bow is inheritable right?

I mean, you should still build Elincia because she’s awesome, just thought to point that out.


Appreciate the help I do know her bow is inheritable sadly don’t have any good bow units :joy: other than lyn


Also ima give her def/spd rein


This is my current build but it’s more on the premium side:

I second these, and also agree with the C slots

This should work pretty well

I mean...


Appreciate it do u think darting blow 4 would work or should I use swift sparrow 2 instead


I would use Swift Sparrow 2 because it gives her an atk boost, and if she quads that’s 16 more damage per hit


Dam I just merged her so win I can get her with grails I will consider giving in to lyn


Up to you; Lyn is just my favorite FE character so I had to flex a little (it is a good choice for her, but Elincia is awesome as well and you should totally merge her)


Dap me up my fellow Elincia enthusiast

Also here’s some builds too


Definitely done with her I’m going to refine her weapon with speed and idk if the b skill is good or not also if the special is good


Desperation 3 and Glimmer are solid budget options imo. Premium would probably be something like Deadeye with Spd/Def Trace like mentioned before


IMO Moonbow might be a bit better on her with swift sparrow 2.

If you end up investing a lot on her (Atk/Spd Catch 4) then Glimmer / Deadeye would be the way to go.

For B slot you have a few options. Desperation is cute but it might be hard for her to enter the range and does not synergize well with the HP requirement of her bow. In this case Fury+Desperation should work much better.

Other bugdet options could be Atk/Spd link , Aerobatics, Spd/Def Snag or Chill spd (to help her activate Whitecap Bow)

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Step 1:

Step 2: …

Step 3: profit


She’s a fier. she can’t have flashing blow 4.

basically for a budget -
Swift Sparrow 2-3 (Unless you have some orbs an can get catch 3 right now from Lyre).
B - Desperation, until you get a trace (in order: spd-def (but only on florina), atk-def (she hits harder), atk-skd
C: Smoke 3 (or savage blow i like splash damage), you get a rein (see above)

poof she’s done.

If it’s just her bow you’re interested in, it’s inheritable so many other bow units can take it. Although it looks like you’ve already committed to her since you merged her and no more copies are coming until she’s added to the Grail shop in a couple months

She’s a pretty stereotypical fast bow unit. Good Spd, good Atk, can use her native bow very well. Pretty much all you need to do is stack Atk and Spd on her and she will do fine. Just kinda sucks being a ranged flier because of how cucked they are for B slots. I find Summer Claude to be the superior unit because of how similar they are but Claude has the grossly good Fallen Star and thus doesn’t suffer from B slot syndrome

Not decided if gonna invest in her, but knowing Elincia survived many hardships in her games, I decided to give her Miracle.


I’ve somehow convinced myself that Sturdy/Mirror Impact is the way to go for most PP ranged fliers, specially fast ones since the forced undouble acts a pseudo-NFU against fast units and might actually help you survive against bulky slow units with high Atk. I think sacrificing ~7 Spd for the forced undouble and +10 Def in PP is definitely worth it as long as the rest of your kit is heavily focused on Spd stacking.


I mean, with units like these you are usually 1RKOing anyway, so either way you only take one counter attack.

In that case the speed to ensure that double (and in Elincia’s case quad) is very important