New Entries in the Attackers Tier List

A topic to discuss the place of new pokémons added to the game.
What is their place in the Attackers Tier List ?

TERRAKION is coming tommorow.
He’s the second rock attackers in term of DPS, and the more balanced one. Rampardos is Tier 1 and Smacktar is good to be TMed.

I think TERRAKION should be Tier 2.5.

REGIGIGAS is not in the Attackers Tier List yet.
Do you think he has a place there ? He’s now the 2nd best DPS*TDO

But is this important ? What is his rank according to you ?

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Slow AF is RG’s rank to me brah

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Regigigas belongs at the bottom of a pile. Its dex entry and basically nothing more. It ranks lower than regirock and regice in masters according to pokebattler + no stab super effective so its sub-optimal in PVE.

I agree with @orioncrystalice and @eklinka that Gigas doesn’t deserve a high ranking. Here’s my more detailed grading for how I see it performing:

Raids: D
Strong generalist to round out a team if you’re lacking specialist counters, but that’s about it. Since it competes with other legendary options (that are way more effective) for rare candy spending, you’re better off investing into something that has more utility.

Gyms: D
Gigas is limited to two slow quick moves and big charge moves that all cost 100 energy. Against highly motivated gyms, it’s slower and clunkier than specialist attackers. Against demotivated gyms, it’s inefficient as it will overkill most defenders with its expensive charge moves.

PvP: F
In PvP, Hidden Power is really underwhelming and Zen Headbutt is just straight up terrible. On top of that, Gigas’s charge moves take half of forever to fire off. In PvP, Giga Impact gets nerfed to 150 damage for 80 energy, so it’s literally just Hyper Beam with a different animation.

Team Rocket: F
Similar to PvP, Gigas is just way too slow and clunky for Grunt battles. You’re better off using Mons with better type coverage/stronger quick moves or ones that can spam charge moves frequently to stun-lock the Rocket grunt/leader you’re up against.

Actually in raids Regigigas actually gets weather boosted a LOT more often than Mewtwo or Dragons and Metagross is impossible to see boosted in some locales. That’s when Regigigas sees use with the correct Hidden Power.

Even weather boosted attacks can’t make up for better pokemon available that have stab weather boosted SE attacks. It would need an attack stat higher than mewtwo to be viable. Even grandbull is outputting more DPS in cloudy weather than regigigas with fighting HP and focus blast so you’d have to be scraping the bottom of the barrel to resort to using it.

Rampardos is Tier 1 and Smacktar is good to be TMed.

I would not advise TMing out of Smack Down, as it is still of limited availablity, and Tyranitar is still the superior rock choice in a number of situations. Terrakion is significantly more likely to be sidelined on account of the raid boss having a super effective attack, and it’s helpful for a rock-attacker to actually resist flying moves.


This makes me go back to does Hidden Power need a cooldown buff? It could be a really interesting move to work with for many Pokémon but even Confusion feels faster.

Only for Raids/Gym Battles.

For PvP, particularly against Team Rocket Leaders, Smacktar is a better option. I made the mistake of trying to use a level 35, 98% Rampardos against Arlo, and couldn’t take out the Scyther with the Rampardos. With a level 35 Smackdown Ttar, I could take it down before Stone Edge charged.

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Gigas would actually be an interesting pick for Fighting weak bosses (or even gyms) if you got lucky and landed Hidden Power Fighting.

maxing a team of SD tyranitar at this point is kind o redundant, but having two on the team is a good option. It’s still very good in raids and it is among the best picks for rocket battles, where you need Smack Down, since Bite and Iron Tail are both painfully slow.

Got that on mine. Slower than a snail in glue.

But at least faster than Gallade.

The “I forgot I had this” Pokémon.

Gallade’s moves are actually very fast. At least a lot faster than Regigigas’ Hidden Power.

Regigigas hits like a nuke especially in Partly Cloudy EVEN with Neutral however; I’ve heard that it even has a viable TTW against Alakazam in Partly Cloudy even if it didn’t have HP Bug/Ghost or Dark.

I meant damage. HP Fighting Gigas has better DPS than Gallade, plus a load of bulk.

also, Gallade is useful in case someone lacks 6 powered up Mewtwo vs Terrakion. Gallade resists everything Terrakion can throw at him except earthquake.

Nope, his neutral to Zen Headbutt.

I agree with you that regigigas deserves a mention in the attackers tier list. Both Zen Headbutt and hidden power regi with Giga Impact outperforms two other legendaries that I’d say are quite popular amongst the community in terms of both dps and dps*tdo, and they too pack nothing but single bar moves. cough Groudon & Kyogre cough. Still outperforming them even if they had their signature moves added, (that’s if niantic doesn’t change them up and make them into two bar moves or something), and of course, regi having the upper hand all depends if they’re set up in a situation where they do neutral damage to whatever they’re up against. For the quick moves? Regi doesn’t learn much in the main series games, with the other two quick move options being Rock Smash and Smackdown, which they too are quite slow and have much worse energy gains than the current ones it has. For pvp? It doesn’t shine much there because of the said moves it has. Overall, I say he’s quite okay for a mention, as long as it’s paired with Giga Impact of course.

Actually, Regigigas’ greatest strength is it’s really easy to see it boosted, because it’s one of the only two generalists affected by Partly Cloudy. (Other is Rampardos) Although unlike Rampardos, it is hardly weak to anything bar fighting, so if both moves are not resisted, it can kill very quickly, and has viable win rates with even stuff like Jolteon during the right weather.

Without the weather, it’s just OK like Neutral damage Metagross or Mewtwo.

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